The Unveiling of the New Le Grande Creme from Biologique Recherche at Ciel Spa

La Grande Creme 50ml | Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

It’s Thursday, November 3, 2017, and Biologique Recherche is about to unveil it’s newest product – Le Grande Creme!

I’m in Beverly Hills at Ciel Spa at the SLS Hotel.

It’s about 8:45am and I see Dr. Allouche of Biologique Recherche walk in.

It’s him! It’s actually him! He’s finally arrived. Oh My God! The French Skincare God himself has arrived.

His suit perfectly tailored. His hands diligently manicured. And OMG, his skin! His skin is glowing. I wonder what he’s using?

Ok now let’s back up just for a second. I’ve met Dr. Allouche before and absolutely love the guy. Not only did his parents start Biologique Recherche and now he is the head of creativity at Biologique Recherche, but he’s actually a really cool guy. He’s very charismatic with his French flair and all. He also tends to be the life of the party after a few glasses of champagne.

I walk over to him and say hi the French way. Two kisses, one on each cheek. I tell him it’s so good to see him again and that I am super excited to hear him talk about the new Le Grande Creme. We chit chat for a few more minutes while I sip on some coffee and then take my seat.

Fast forward to 9:15 am. Finally, the presentation begins. Isabella Koretz, President of Ciel Spa and Pearl Recovery Retreat walks out. She talks about the partnership between Biologique Recherche and Ciel Spa and how their relationship came about. She herself is a devoted Biologique Recherche user for many years and said that it is the only skincare brand that she believes in 100%. Isabella knows and works with the best doctors in Beverly Hills through Pearl Recovery Retreat and she says that if you are going the non-invasive route to maintaining your skin, there is only one route- and that is Biologique Recherche.

She introduces Dr. Allouche and he takes over. He says a few words and then cues a video.

What is Le Grande Creme?

Le Grande Creme is formulated to work on the genes involved in the aging process in order to promote cellular regrowth. The peptide, EpigenActive helps to regenerate tissues and recycle proteins that have been degraded, ultimately reinforcing the skin barrier and recovering its structure. It also works to firm the skin, diminish irregularities caused by pigmentation, and provide a volumizing and lifting effect to target sagging skin. Le Grande Creme combines botanical extracts, concentrated active ingredients, and epigenetic discoveries to be the first of its kind.

Buy Your Le Grande Creme

Le Grande Creme will be available for purchase at Ciel Spa the beginning of 2018 in 50ml glass jars that are custom made by artisanal glass and crystal makers from France.


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