6 Great Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Every year it seems that out of the blue, either an anniversary, a birthday, Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, or some other holiday that you aren’t prepared for just pops up. You then end up scrambling for those perfect gifts for the special women in your life. To help make your life a little simpler, here is a list of 6 great gift ideas for your girlfriend.


No surprise here, as we are a spa! In fact, Ciel Spa is the best spa in Los Angeles if you ask us!! Whether its your mom, or your girlfriend, your wife, or even your best friend, every busy lady deserves some R & R. Ciel Spa and its beautiful white interior boasts a variety of different treatments that your special lady will love. Whether she wants a facial or massage, or you want to gift both, our signature treatments will leave her feeling relaxed and refreshed! Browse our menu of services and then give us a call to set up some appointments. Make it even more special, by spending the day with her together.

All White Spa Room at Ciel Spa

2. Plush Robe

This is a no-brainer! Everyone loves a good robe. Especially one that’s nice and plush. At Ciel Spa, our signature robes feel like soft pillowy clouds. After a long day, this will surely be her favorite item of the night.

Rack of Spa Robes Hanging at Ciel Spa

3. Dining Experience

Now your lucky lady might eat out quite frequently, but how many times has she had a DINING EXPERIENCE? Take her mind and palate on a culinary extravaganza by dining at SOMNI. Not only a meal, but the experience at SOMNI is an invitation to embark on an epicurean journey. The unique 10-seat chef to patron concept provides guests and chefs one on one interaction and removes the normal barriers and boundaries. The twenty-course experience is one to be remembered forever.

Modern Restaurant at SLS Hotel

Still need more gift ideas for your girlfriend….

4. Something Monogrammed

Your lovely lady wants to feel and know that you took the time to get her the perfect gift. So why not show her exactly that by getting her something personalized and customized? When we say that, we mean get her something monogrammed! Your options for monogrammed items are limitless. Your girl likes to travel? Get her a passport holder with her initials. Does She love getting her face ready in the morning with different products? Get her a makeup bag with her name on it. Is she always on her phone? Get her a phone case cover with your picture on it… or maybe not, lol. Just get her one with her initials. You get the point!!

5. Wine

If your lady likes her wine, then we have two choices for you to gift her. One is a wine tasting. Spend a day in Napa, Temecula, or even Malibu tasting different wines and cheeses. Everyone knows wine tipsy is the fun type of tipsy. Two is a membership to a wine of the month club. She’ll get a new type of wine to try out every month! And If you’re lucky, she might even invite you over to try it with her… dinner not guaranteed.

6. Amazon Prime Subscription

In the day and age of online shopping, if there is one website where we can nearly buy it all, it has to be AMAZON. So why not gift the gift of free shipping for a whole year. Not only does the subscription come with free two-day shipping on products, but it also comes with access to movies, videos, songs, books and more. It’s like getting 10 gifts in one!

Need More Ideas?

If these 6 great gift ideas for your girlfriend aren’t quite right for your special lady, give us a call at 310.246.5560 and we can help you think of something else at Ciel Spa that might be perfect for her.