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7 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products

Most people are happy to see summer arrive. It’s vacation season, outdoor fun season, and of course, beach season! But as nice as the weather can be, the sea, salt, sand, and the hot summer sun can be harder on your skin than you’d think. So protecting your skin is important, and that starts with having the right summer skincare products.

After all, skincare is good self-care. So when you have a nourishing and protective summer skincare routine, you’ll enjoy some indulgent pampering. But, of course, a good summer skincare routine depends on having the right products that will give your skin exactly what it needs. So please take a look at our top seven must-have summer skincare products.

1. Lotion P50 1970

As you get older, your skin loses the ability to regenerate itself, slows down, and the skin starts to lose its natural elasticity. Like heat and sunshine, summer weather conditions can speed up this aging process, which may mean that you’ll look older by the end of the summer than you did at the beginning if you don’t take steps to prevent it. Lotion P50 1970 is an anti-aging formula that can have great effects. It balances your skin’s natural pH levels while regulating excess oil production. As a result, it helps make the skin stronger and more resilient to retain its youthful glow and elasticity.

7 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products - Ciel Spa

2. L’Eauxygenante

Your skin can’t help but react to your environment. It’s not just that if you’re in a hot, dry space, your skin will start to look and feel parched – it’s more than just the weather. If you’re stressed, tired, or experiencing a lot of tension in the air, that can show on your skin as well. Sometimes you need a bit of a refresher, both to rejuvenate your skin and to give yourself a bit of a break. When you look cool and confident, you’ll feel cool and confident too. That’s where L’Eauxygenante comes in. It contains orange and kiwi extracts that re-energize your skin while restoring that healthy, hydrated look. Spray it on anytime you need a little extra boost. Not only will it improve your skin’s look and feel, but it may also give you a little mental boost as well.

7 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products - Ciel Spa

3. Serum de Teint

You want to look your best, but finding a good summer skincare foundation can be difficult. The last thing you want is to slather on thick makeup that blocks your pores when it’s already hot and uncomfortable. However, Serum de Teint isn’t your average foundation. It can provide good coverage while acting as a light moisturizer that also helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. And it comes in five different shades, so you can make sure that you have one to match your tan at any time of the year – even in the hottest part of the summer.

7 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products - Ciel Spa

4. Gommage P50 Corps

There’s nothing like a good shower on a hot day to get rid of sweat, cool you down, and make you feel refreshed and ready for whatever comes next. But, of course, while you’re cleaning off, you also want to make sure that you’re getting rid of dead skin cells and smoothing out any rough skin so that your skin looks and feels as soft and smooth as you could want. Gommage P50 Corps is the perfect exfoliant for the summer months. You can use it all over, from your head to the soles of your feet. This exfoliating gel made with argan oil, silk extracts, and royal jelly will prep your skin for other skin-care treatments you want to apply, get rid of dull, dead skin, and leave you feeling fresh and soft.

7 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products - Ciel Spa

5. Lotion MC 110 N°1

If you’re already using Lotion P50 1970 or another Lotion P50, Lotion MC 110 N°1 is a definite must-have. This little lotion is specifically designed to boost the effects of Lotion P50 by providing an extra level of exfoliation and smoothing out any surface lines or irregularities. It’s made with your skin in mind and promotes a plumper, fuller, more youthful look. Apply Lotion MC 110 N°1 after Lotion P50 to see the boosting effects for yourself. It easily fills in fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth, and you’ll soon be able to show off your new, younger-looking skin.

7 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products - Ciel Spa

6. Lait E.V.

You know how important washing your skin is, but even when it’s necessary, and even when you’re gentle, soap and water can strip your delicate facial skin of essential oils that it needs to stay hydrated and healthy. But with Lait E.V., you have another choice. Lait E.V. is a cleanser that hydrates your skin while it cleans. Made with Vitamin E, natural fatty acids, and essential oils, this milky cleanser is perfect for anyone who experiences dry, dehydrated skin in the summertime. It’s effective at removing makeup and other impurities from your face while replenishing your skin with the moisture needed to stay young-looking and beautiful.

7 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products - Ciel Spa

7. Serum Colostrum

If you have mature or maturing skin, or if you live in a harsh climate where the weather takes a greater toll on your face than you’d like, what you need is a reliable skin product that restores suppleness, soothes dry skin, replenishes healthy glow, and that’s suitable for everyday use. That product is Serum Colostrum. Serum Colostrum uses a potent blend of ingredients to bring intense hydration to the top layers of your skin, which can help repair the damage done by the sun, wind, and other elements. Regular use will help rehydrate and repair your skin and provide protection against further damage from the environment. In addition, you’ll be amazed at the healthy look and restored glow and smoothness that Serum Colostrum can bring to your skin.

7 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products - Ciel Spa