Now it’s no secret that we all love our Biologique Recherché products! Whether you are obsessed with cult favorites Lotion P50 1970 and Mask Vivant or the lesser-known but equally amazing products from the brand, the skin care steps you are supposed to take can get confusing. With so many products available from Biologique Recherché, it’s about time a step-by-step skin care regimen guide was available to those of us who get confused! Below are our 8 steps to applying Biologique Recherché skin care.

8 Steps to Applying Biologique Recherché Skin Care

Step 1: Cleanser

Cleansing is the first skin care step you should do! Getting rid of all impurities and starting with a clean base to layer on all your products is extremely important! No matter how good your products are, you will not get the optimal benefits from your skin care regimen if you don’t start with skin that has been prepared properly (i.e., cleansed). Depending on your skin, you will cleanse with one of the three cleansing milks from Biologique Recherché. BR’s cleansing milks are nice and gentle on the skin and don’t strip it of the essential oils that help keep our skin hydrated and protected. We personally love the Lait VIP O2, as it is suitable for all skin types and has the added benefit of oxygenation.

Step 2: Toner

Biologique Recherché’s claim to fame is its beloved Lotion P50. Lotion P50 is an exfoliating toner that balances and purifies the skin and prepares it for more intensive treatment, making it a necessary skin care step. With seven different formulas of Lotion P50 available, you must pick out the one that is right for you. You can always contact us if you need help deciding which toner formulation is right for you.

Applying the Lotion P50 is just as important as picking out which formulations are right for you. We recommend soaking a cotton pad with the toner and gently patting it all over the face, neck, and decollete. You never want to rub it into the skin as not over to stimulate it! Because Lotion P50 is made with light acids, it is normal to feel a tingling and numbing sensation and experience some redness. The presence of these factors is completely normal and usually goes away after a few minutes.

Step 2A: Oxygenating Mist

When your skin seems overly sensitive, dry, or irritated, we suggest misting the face with L’Eauxygenante after Lotion P50. This oxygenating mist helps to soothe, hydrate, and refresh the skin to provide more comfort during your skin care regimen. L’Eauxygenante is also available in travel size and is essential for anyone taking long flights, experiencing climate changes, or needs an extra little boost of freshness during the day.

Step 3: Booster

Sometimes our skin needs an extra boost, which is where Lotion MC 110 N1 comes into play. This amazing product, which is part of the many fabulous facial treatments at Ciel Spa, plumps the skin and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is to be applied after the Lotion P50 as an extra skin care step either twice a week (our preferred method) or for a period of 7 to 8 days in a row per month.

Step 4: Mask

With so many masks from Biologique Recherché, it is hard to choose which one to prioritize. No matter which one you choose, whether it be your purifying Mask Vivant, oxygenating Masque VIP O2, hydrating Masque Visolastine +, or tightening Biomagic Mask, it is an important part of your skin care regimen. The great thing about Biologique Recherché masks is that you can pretty much mix them all. One of our favorite things to do is apply Mask Vivant on the T-Zone, Masque VIP O2 under the eyes, and then mix the two and apply all over the rest of the face, neck, and decollete.

We personally love to Mask on Mondays and take silly pictures of ourselves that we send to our friends. Please show us some of your favorite masking pictures by tagging #spalikesocialites so we can see!

Step 5: Serum(s)

Now, of course, Biologique Recherché has a whole array of different serums to choose from when you reach this part of your skin care steps, and it can get confusing when having to apply multiple serums for multiple reasons. First, the targeting serums such as Serum PIGM 400 or Serum Erythros should be applied. After about two minutes, you can proceed with applying your favorite quintessential serums such as Amniotique E. and Elastine Pure on top. Almost all the quintessential serums can be mixed except for a few, but if you’re ever in doubt, the best way is to layer them one on top of another. You can always give us a call at Ciel Spa to double-check!

Step 6: Moisturizer

Biologique Recherché has a whole array of different moisturizers, with different textures, and let’s not forget smells! In your skin care steps, we suggest applying your eye cream, like Creme Contour VIP O2 first, followed by your face cream. Whether you like something light and airy with a gel-like texture such as Gel ADN Silkgen or something a bit thicker and denser such as Creme Dermo-RL, Biologique Recherché has something for you.

Step 7: Finishing Serum

One of the last steps in your Biologique Recherché skin care regimen should be a finishing serum. Finishing serums are made with larger molecules that help seal all the products’ layers to penetrate deeper and better into the skin while also protecting you from outside aggressions. The finishing serums are unique to the Biologique Recherché line and always leave the skin a nice glow. Try for yourself some of our favorites like Fluide VIP 02 or Le Grand Serum.

Step 8: Sun Protection

The last and final step in any skin care regimen is the application of sun protection cream. Although often overlooked unless you’re going to the beach, applying sunblock/SPF is very important to protect the skin from developing unwanted discoloration and pigmentation.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The 8 steps to applying Biologique Recherché skin care regimen. It might seem like a lot, and let’s be honest, it is a lot, but your skin will be thanking you for years to come!