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Achieving Flawless Skin for the Red Carpet or Any Big Event

Lights, camera, action! This Sunday, March 4, 2018, the red carpet will be rolled out for the 90th Annual Academy Award hosted at the Dolby Theatre in the Hollywood and Highland Center. We are excited about the fashion and all of the flawless skin for the red carpet! For those of us tuning in at home, there are a few things we have come to expect from the award shows, especially the Oscars:

      • Nail-biting moments as the most talented actors and actresses go head to head for recognition.
      • Heartfelt monologues as the host recap the memorable, influential, and touching screenplays of the past year.
      • Possibly a few blunders by the host (see Jimmy Kimmel Oscars 2017).
      • Some of the most iconic fashion moments of the year as our favorite celebs have paired with the top stylists and glam squads, allowing their look is to go from beautiful to unforgettable and overworked to effortless.
      • And finally, we cannot forget the flawless, fresh-faced, glowing skin adorning every celebrity on the red carpet.

Do you ever wonder how these celebrities prepare their skin for these red-carpet events? Here at Ciel Spa Beverly Hills, we know just the solution for achieving flawless skin for the red carpet. Not just a skincare line, Biologique Recherche is a revolutionary tailored approach to beauty. Built around the simple philosophy that our skin is the roof of our body and taking steps to protect it from external aggressions is key in preventing it from becoming vulnerable.

This French luxury skincare line, Biologique Recherche, has acquired a cult-like following from some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. From Brad Pitt to Madonna, Sharon Stone to Nicole Richie, and we can’t forget our beloved Olsen Twins – these celebs are experiencing BR facials, using the products and achieving the smooth and glowing skin we all dream about.

The great news about BR is that it is completely accessible and reserved for the affluent and famous. Ciel Spa carries the entire BR skin care product line and offers skin assessments and customized facials to fit your lifestyle and skincare needs. So whether you want flawless skin for the red carpet or any other big event in your life, Ciel Spa has you covered! Here are a few of our featured Biologique Recherche products to help you achieve flawless skin for the red carpet:


Lotion P50 1970

Lotion P50 1970 - Ciel Spa Beverly HillsLotion P50 1970 hydrates, exfoliates and balances the pH of the skin. We recommend this as an excellent prep step in any skincare regiment. P50 1970 is great for everyone. To identify which P50 solution is most appropriate for you, contact us, and one of our world-renowned estheticians will match you.


Masque Vivant

Masque Vivant - Ciel Spa Beverly HillsMasque Vivant brightens, purifies, and refreshes the complexion. It contains a high concentration of yeast, cucumber, and witch hazel extracts known for their purification properties. Use this masque twice a week, and age becomes just a number, and your skin will never reveal your little secret.


Lait VIP O2

Lait VIP O2 - Ciel Spa Beverly HillsLait VIP O2 is an antipollution cleanser that eliminates impurities, calms the skin, and brightens the complexion. Whether you live in a harsh climate, are often exposed to pollution, or are racking up those frequent flyer miles, this cleanser is for you!

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