How Does Stress Acne Differ From Other Breakouts?

Stress Acne - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

When feeling stressed or anxious, you may notice that you have more breakouts. How does stress acne differ from other breakouts?  Fortunately or unfortunately, our confidence is very heavily dependent on our looks. Certain things such as a bad hair day, a little bit of extra weight and a huge pimple can ruin it. Pimples…

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Skincare Ingredients A–Z: Your Guide to Beautiful Skin

Skin Care Ingredients - Ciel Spa

Understanding your skin care ingredients can help improve skin health, reduce blemishes, and keep your skin bright and healthy. Skin care can be quite complicated, especially when you are not aware of the ingredients. Some people end up wasting their money and get frustrated when they don’t see any results. Today, we will discuss the…

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Is Sun Exposure Causing Premature Aging?

Is Sun Damage Causing Premature Aging - Ciel Spa

One way to reduce premature aging of your skin is to prevent sun damage. Here’s what to know. We all want healthy, bouncy, and juice skin that ages well throughout the years. But most of us do not take care of our skin properly. One of the prime things that affect the quality of our…

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Men’s Skincare Regimen for All Skin Types

Men's Skin Care Regimen - Ciel Spa

Identifying the right men’s skin care regimen can be difficult. This guide will discuss the different types of regimens based on your skin type. We all have different types of skin and skincare goals. Some of us are dealing with skin sensitivity, breakouts, and oily skin. On the other hand, others struggle with premature aging…

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