Is the Right Time to Exfoliate Before or After Shaving?

Is the Right Time to Exfoliate Before or After Shaving - Ciel Spa

Exfoliating is an essential step in skincare that helps remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and improve skin texture. It’s especially crucial for people who shave regularly, as shaving can cause irritation and ingrown hairs. As a result, many people wonder if it’s better to exfoliate before or after shaving. In this article, we’ll examine…

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How to Build a Thirst-Quenching Dry Skin Routine

woman applying dry skin routine

If your skin is super dry and you are looking for a perfect skincare routine that can truly transform your skin, this article is perfect for you. We are left with dry, flaky, tight, and dull-looking skin as the weather changes. It’s time to make a change and acquire soft skin and a glowing complexion.…

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Worthy Clear Skin Resolutions for 2023 and Beyond

Worthy Clear Skin Resolutions for 2023 and Beyond - Ciel Spa

New year, new skin goals, am I right? We all want clear skin; let’s face it, having a clear, radiant complexion is at the top of our list. But we all have different skincare aspirations, and that’s okay! Today, we’ll share some of the most popular skin goals and give you the 411 on achieving…

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Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) + the Serum to Fix and Prevent It

Say Goodbye to Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) - Ciel Spa

SUMMER 2023 ANNOUNCEMENT! Ciel Spa is now offering facial memberships! Join the Ciel Club today and enjoy monthly facials, one-on-one consultations with our expert estheticians, exclusive discounts, rooftop pool access, and VIP spa event invitations. Click here to learn more. With the cold and dry weather, waking up with skin that feels dry and super tight…

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Must-Follow Winter Skin Care Tips and Essentials

Must-Follow Winter Skin Care Tips and Essentials - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

Temperatures have dropped significantly, and the sweater weather is in full swing. While winter comes with many fun things like snow days, and holidays, it also comes with dry, dull skin that lacks moisture and glows. If your well-behaved skin is turning into a sad show, don’t stress, as we have compiled a list of…

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Skincare Horoscope for 2023

Skincare Horoscope

‘Tis the most joyous time of year for hopeful romantics, horoscope seekers, optimists, and people who subscribe to The Pattern. If there’s one thing we love about December, it’s that excitement in the air over the chance at a new year and a fresh start. As believers and loyal followers of the double-facial-cleanse (one of…

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Creme Dermo-RL, the Lipid-Replenishing Face Cream You Need

Creme Dermo RL, the Lipid-Replenishing Face Cream You Need - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

Biologique Recherche has earned its name worldwide for all the right reasons. If you haven’t heard about the brand before, you live under a rock or might not be an avid social media user. And no, Lotion P50 isn’t the only good thing about this brand. Before diving into our detailed article about Creme Dermo-RL, let…

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‘Tis the Season for Beauty Rituals

'Tis the Season for Beauty Rituals - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

With the holiday season upon us, we all get wrapped up in buying presents and packing up to visit our family. This leaves little to no time for skincare. That said, no one likes to have a dull moment with their skin at a holiday party. If you also want your skin to look spectacular…

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Biologique Recherche’s New Face-Changing Collagen Serum

Biologique Recherche's New Face-Changing Collagen Serum - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

So, you are not happy with how tired your face has recently been. Do you hate seeing new lines and wrinkles popping up on your face? Juggling with skin sagging? Are you looking for a product that will reverse the aging clock for you without any need to undergo treatment? If the answer to these…

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CBD Wellness and Beauty Rituals With OTO

CBD Wellness and Beauty Rituals With OTO - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

Falling in love with one’s self is truly the secret to happiness. Communication causes most problems in our day-to-day relationships and results in great distress. It is because we haven’t learned to communicate with ourselves. Understanding, connecting, and validating our thoughts and feelings is crucial, enabling us to share with others more effectively. Feeling stressed,…

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