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Autumn Skincare to Brighten, Nourish, and Hydrate

Days are getting shorter, leaves are falling, and temperatures are dropping. Autumn has officially arrived. That calls for a wardrobe switch-up and a new skincare routine that can simultaneously brighten, nourish, and hydrate your skin. Many people assume that switching to heavier formulations will do the job. However, it isn’t the case. Being heavier doesn’t always mean more hydration; it can also mean clogged pores.

It would be best if you were very particular about your products. The goal is to recover the damage of the summer months and bump up the hydration quotient of your skin. In this article, we will share the Biologique Recherche autumn skincare routine to ensure your skin is impeccable. Let’s get right into it.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Skin

Every autumn skincare routine begins with cleansing your skin. We recommend choosing a refreshing and reviving cleanser. Our skin tends to get dull in the summer and loses its vibrance and vitality. A cleanser like Lait VIP O2 will breathe some life back into it.

The product is an oxygenating cleansing milk that removes dirt and makeup while unifying your complexion and protecting it against environmental stressors. It contains a Specific BR Oxygenating Complex® containing perfluorodecalin, known to stimulate cell exchanges and enhance oxygen delivery to skin cells. As a result, your skin breathes fully and looks refreshed.

Step 2: Get Your Hands on a Hydrating Serum

Summer often equals more humidity which translates to improved skin hydration. With the colder months, the humidity levels drop, and artificial heating goes up, resulting in dehydrated skin. Hydration is super important if you want healthy, happy skin. The quickest way to do this is to get your hands on an intensely hydrating serum. Most people start using heavier creams but skipping a serum isn’t a great idea. Why?

Because serums are made of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin, which makes them highly effective. Serum Colostrum is undoubtedly your best option. The extracts of colostrum make your skin super replenished and plumped. It not only prevents your skin from drying out but also repairs it. Use it daily, especially after your skin has been exposed to the sun or other harsh elements, and you will notice a clear difference in your skin’s softness and hydration levels.

Step 3: Treat Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation is one skin concern that most people struggle with. The harsh summer sun can leave negative impacts on your skin. Sun not only gives us a golden tan but can also leave us with brown spots and dual-tone skin. This calls for a targeted anti-pigmentation serum. Serum PIGM 400 is one of our favorites and is known for its brightening and protective ingredients.

It is formulated with six concentrated active ingredients, which prevent the appearance of dark spots while fighting skin aging. If you have callous pigmentation spots, you can also use Creme PIGM 400. A combination of serum and cream that targets pigmentation and unifies your complexion will surely leave your skin looking flawless.

It limits cell aging and brightens the skin tone while lightening the intensity of existing pigmentary spots and preventing new ones from forming. The active substances in the product limit protein and lipid oxidation and stimulate lipofuscin breakdown; these elements work in your favor.

Step 4: Lock in the Ingredients

Now that you have targeted all your skin concerns and moisturized your skin, it is time to lock in all the goodness. A great finishing serum like Fluide VIP O2 will do the job right. It also works wonders for skin regeneration and brightening. Essentially, it protects your skin from radicals and pollution and gives it an oxygenating boost. The BR Specific Oxygenating Complex® stimulates the epidermal functions and increases oxygen concentration. Your skin will be clearer and more radiant over time with continuous use.

Step 5: Use a Face Mask

Using a face mask twice a week can significantly improve the condition of your skin. After the summer, it is best to use a purifying and brightening face mask to remove dull and dead skin cells and leave behind vibrant and brighter skin. Masque VIP O2 is a hydrating, refreshing, and oxygenating anti-pollution mask that will breathe life back into your skin. It is also great for evening out your skin tone.

Step 6: Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet

Most people tend to focus their skincare from the neck up. However, your hands need a bit of love as they are generally the driest part of the face. Your hands are constantly exposed to harsh elements like detergents, soaps, dirt, and wind, so you’ll have to care for them even more. The right-hand cream alone will not do the job. You need a solid routine that you must follow at least once weekly.

  • Start by cleaning your hands with Lait VIP O2;
  • Exfoliate with Lotion P50;
  • Use Masque VIP O2 for 15 minutes;
  • Follow it up with Serum PIGM 400 and Colostrum;
  • And finally, use Emulsion Mains PIGM 400 as your hand cream.

Emulsion Mains PIGM 400 will work by restoring the hydrolipidic barrier, providing intense hydration to the epidermis, and making your skin super soft and smooth. The high concentration of active ingredients tackles existing pigmentation and prevents it. Essentially, your hands will look youthful and bright. You can use the same routine on your feet.

Final Takeaway

That is essentially the goal for any autumn skincare routine. Following this routine will make your skin feel nourished and look brighter. This routine doesn’t involve a lot of steps but is undoubtedly very effective. Do try it out and let us know how it worked for you. We hope you found this post informative and helpful! Use the comments section below for any questions, queries, and concerns. If you have any existing routines or unique autumn skincare products that you love, share them with us.

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