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Best Natural Face Products for Glowing Skin in 2020 and Beyond

Biologique Recherche has earned a sterling reputation as one of the best skincare brands by producing some of the best natural face products in the world. Ciel Spa is honored to be one of the few select vendors allowed to sell these essential skincare products, as well as the first Biologique Recherche Expert Center in Los Angeles, CA. These products have earned a cult-like following, and for good reason, too!

Once you experience the difference, you’ll understand why the beauty community is so passionate (some say obsessed!) with this range of luxury French skincare. From luxury face masks to natural skin serums and cleansers, here’s a quick look at seven of our favorite Biologique Recherche products that will keep your skin glowing all year long.

Biologique Recherche’s 7 Best Natural Face Products

1. Lotion P50 Range

The Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 range consists of the best natural face products ever bottled. Lovingly called “Jesus in a bottle” by its many adoring fans, Lotion P50 is famous for giving skin a halo-like glow, hence the nickname. Despite having the word “lotion” in the official name, P50 products technically aren’t lotions — they’re exfoliating acid toners that completely refresh the skin’s pH balance to eliminate acne, balance texture, shrink pores, brighten dark spots, and hydrate the skin.

These products are notorious for their pungent, harsh aroma, but the results are well worth the stench! The original Lotion P50 1970 formula contained phenol, a controversial ingredient that gives these toners their signature burning and numbing sensations that P50 fans love. There are also new formulas available that don’t contain phenol. Regardless of which you choose, you’re getting the best natural face products around. Available as old or new formulas, there are four main versions of Lotion P50:

  • P50W is the mildest version and is ideal for mature, dry skin.
  • P50V is the mid-strength version that’s recommended for people with sensitive skin.
  • P50 is the full-strength version that’s used for treating oily skin.
  • P50 PIGM 400 is specially formulated for users with hyperpigmentation.

Besides those essential skincare products for facial use, Biologique Recherche also makes Lotion P50 Corps and Gommage P50 corps for all-over body use, so you can get glowing, radiant skin from — literally — head-to-toe.

2. Masque Vivant

If you’re looking for the best natural face products for halting breakouts in their tracks, you’re going to love Masque Vivant. It’s one of Biologique Recherche’s most popular natural face masks. Famous for its purifying qualities, and natural ingredients including yeast extract, witch hazel, and lactic acid, this popular face mask is a fantastic choice for those with oily or less even-toned skin.

3. Creme Dermopurifiante

Creme Dermopurifiante is an essential skin care product for nourishing, purifying, and hydrating the skin. Perfect for those who are prone to oily skin and/or acne, this natural face cream contains hyaluronic acid and all-natural yeast and cucumber extracts. The hyaluronic acid locks in your skin’s natural moisture, while the yeast extract purifies the skin and the cucumber extract soothes and stops inflammation.

4. Lait U

Lait U is one of the best natural face products for anyone looking for a go-to Biologique Recherche cleanser and makeup remover that won’t leave the skin oily or dehydrated. This luxurious cleansing milk helps to counteract harmful environmental elements that can damage the skin. This versatile cleanser is also a great choice for people with oily skin, normal skin, or in-between skin.

5. Creme Biofixine

Creme Biofixine is an intensive face cream that’s used primarily for anti-aging. It boasts a highly concentrated, active formula that includes robust ingredients such as anise extract, walnut seed extract, and sunflower seed oil. Creme Biofixine is a powerful cream and formula that reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and expression lines for a vibrant, youthful look. It’s one of the best all-natural face products for treating smile lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.

6. Lait E.V.

Like Lait U, Lait E.V. cleansing milk is one of the best natural face washes available on the market that money can buy. Lait E.V. is one of the most essential skincare products for anyone with dry, mature skin. It features a variety of all-natural botanical extracts and fortifying vitamins, including vitamin E, essential oils, cellular extract, squalane, and nourishing fatty acids to promote healthier cell turnover and exceptional purification.

7. Creme Contour Yeux et Levres Biofixine

Creme Contour Yeux et Levres Biofixine is a 2-in-1 luxury all-in-one cream and solution that you can use on your eyes and lips. If you’re looking for a top-rated natural anti-aging product that is both effective and results-driven, Creme Contour Yeux et Levres Biofixine should be high on your list. It lifts the skin, softens wrinkles, and plumps fine lines, resulting in lips and eyes that look full, smooth, and youthful.

Discover Biologique Recherche Skincare

At Ciel Spa, our skincare experts understand that when you look your best, you feel your best, too. Summer, winter, spring: these seven products fit into even a minimalist skincare routine and will have your skin looking gorgeously radiant all year long. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us for further information — we’d be happy to recommend essential skincare products that fit your unique needs and preferences.