Which P50 Lotion Version Is Right for You?

Which P50 Lotion Version Is Right for You? - Ciel Spa

So you’ve heard of Lotion P50, maybe from a friend’s recommendation or from repeatedly seeing it referenced on blogs and social media that tout makeup and skincare products that work well. And now you want to try it for yourself. But if you’re looking into buying P50, you’ve probably discovered that there’s more than one…


10 Biologique Recherche Best-Sellers

Top 10 Biologique Recherche Best-Sellers - Ciel Spa

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to take better care of yourself? Self-care took on a whole new meaning in 2020, and what better way to make the best of a nontraditional and troubling year than to take the best parts of it and carry those forward into the new year? You can do…


7 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products

Most people are happy to see summer arrive. It’s vacation season, outdoor fun season, and of course, beach season! But as nice as the weather can be, the sea, salt, sand, and the hot summer sun can be harder on your skin than you’d think. So protecting your skin is important, and that starts with…


Serum de Teint: Natural Tinted Moisturizer, UV Protector & Sun Damage Preventer

Natural Tinted Moisturizer by Biologique Recherche - Ciel Spa

After three years of research, Biologique Recherche has unveiled a natural tinted moisturizer called Serum de Teint. This powerful tinted serum hydrates and evens out skin tone, while simultaneously protecting the skin against UV rays and free radicals. Available in five unique shades, the non-greasy, non-comedogenic formula is breathable and smooth while providing exceptional coverage without clogging pores.…


How to Use Lotion P50

How to Use Lotion P50: A Step-by-Step Guide - Ciel Spa

Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 (and all its incredible cult-favorite variants) have earned a loyal following – and for a good reason! Lovingly called “Jesus in a Bottle,” this beloved acid toner leaves users with a signature “halo” glow that’s unmatched by any other product on the market. Of course, to reap the full benefits and…


Biologique Recherche’s 5 Best Natural Products for All Skin Types

Biologique Recherche’s 5 Best Natural Products for All Skin Types - Ciel Spa

Biologique Recherche is synonymous with luxury skincare. Founded more than 40 years ago by a biologist, a physiotherapist, and a doctor, this trailblazing brand continues to reinvent how we moisturize, exfoliate, and reverse the signs of aging. Their all-natural, holistic approach to skincare has made them a world leader, and today their products are trusted…


Fight the Freeze: The 10 Best Face Creams for Winter’s Worst Days

Winter has its perks: cozy nights by the fireplace, fresh hot cocoa, bright holiday lights. But the chilly season also has some downsides, namely its impact on your complexion. The cold, dry temperatures can zap your face of its natural moisture, leaving your skin dry, irritated, and itchy. If you’re prone to acne, that can…


Voted Best in Skincare Brands, Why Biologique Recherche Is a Cult-Favorite

When it comes to the best skincare brands on the market today, it’s hard to ignore the prestige of the renowned French skincare line, Biologique Recherche. The leading luxury skincare line has been at the forefront of skincare brands and businesses for decades. It has developed a following among international jet setters, It-girls, celebrities, and…