Biologique Recherche Skincare Must-Haves

Biologique Recherche Skincare Must-Haves - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

We all know that France has bestowed some of the best beauty products. Nearly all the best skincare lines around the world are French. One of the most prominent names and skincare products industry is Biologique Recherche. Trust me when I say the brand has earned its reputation for all the right reasons. People cannot…

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Lait U Milk Cleanser Benefits and Results

Lait U Milk Cleanser Benefits and Results - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

Biologique Recherche has gained a lot of popularity for all the right reasons. One of the many products I tried and loved from the range is the Lait U milk cleanser. This was the second product I added to my stash after becoming obsessed with the Lotion P50. I was hunting for a low PH…

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The Powerful, Purifying Mask That Your Skin Will Love

The Powerful, Purifying Mask That Your Skin Will Love - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

Dubbed the most powerful, purifying mask on the market, the magical benefits of Masque Vivant are endless! Masque Vivant is made by Biologique Recherche, the French skincare brand that is all around the internet for the famous Lotion P50. Biologique Recherche needs no introduction, and almost everyone is raving about it. The company is known…

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A Bridal Skincare Routine – BR Bride

bridal skincare routine

As a bride, I am sure you wish to look impeccable on your big day. Most women plan every single detail of their wedding day, from dress to hair to makeup to the décor. Most women experience significant breakouts just before their wedding day with all that stress. If you don’t want to end up…

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Biologique Recherche Reviews: What Products Do We Love?

Biologique Recherche Reviews - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

There are many amazing skin care lines, but rarely do they match Biologique Recherche. In this Biologique Recherche reviews guide, we’ll explore the top products that we love. Biologique Recherche is a French Beauty Company that was founded about 40 years ago. The company essentially functions like a research and development laboratory that focuses on…

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Creme Verte Espoir Review: 5 Reasons It Will Be Your New BFF

Creme Verte Espoir Review - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

At Ciel Spa, one of our absolute favorite brands is Biologique Recherche. In this Creme Verte Espoir review guide, we’ll explore why this product makes the best-seller list. With the million different beauty products on the market, choosing the right skincare products can be quite daunting and overwhelming. There is a lot of advice on…

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Your Guide to The Best Biologique Recherche Products

Best Biologique Recherche Products - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

Biologique Recherche has become an incredibly popular brand, but what are the best Biologique Recherche products? This guide will tell you. Biologique Recherche is a French skincare brand that has gained popularity amongst beauty editors and skincare experts (for all the right reasons). One of the most famed products of this brand is an exfoliating treatment…

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Which P50 Lotion Version Is Right for You?

Which P50 Lotion Version Is Right for You? - Ciel Spa

So you’ve heard of Lotion P50, maybe from a friend’s recommendation or from repeatedly seeing it referenced on blogs and social media that tout makeup and skincare products that work well. And now you want to try it for yourself. But if you’re looking into buying P50, you’ve probably discovered that there’s more than one…

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