Face It: Your Body Skin Care Routine Needs a Little TLC Too

Face It: Your Body Skin Care Routine Needs a Little TLC Too - Ciel Spa

When you think about skin care, you probably focus mostly on your face. After all, especially during the cooler weather months, your face is what the world sees the most of! Your routine for body skin care needs some TLC, too, however. This time of year, it is essential to take its toll when artificial…

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So You Got a Sunburn: Here’s What to Do Next

How to Treat a Sunburn + Reverse Sun Damage - Ciel Spa

It happens to the best of us: sometimes, despite our best intentions, you end up with that telltale red burn that signifies a little too much time spent outside without the right protection. That scorching sunburn needs treatment ASAP, and luckily, as Los Angeles’ leading skincare experts, the team at Ciel Spa can help you…

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Cellulite Treatment: Clevver Style Stops By Ciel

Clevver Style's Cellulite Treatment Episode - Ciel Spa

Cellulite is one of beauty’s biggest blunders. Luckily, Endermologie is FDA-approved for cellulite treatment! Watch an episode of Beauty Trippin by Clevver Style below to see Vivian and Erin’s experiences during an endermologie treatment at Ciel Spa and learn how the machine eliminates your cellulite while also sculpting your body! “This is what I want…

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Get the Perfect Summer Body

Get the Perfect Summer Body - Ciel Spa Beverly HIlls

Slim Like Summer Body Package – $535 At Ciel Spa by Pearl Wellness, our mission is simple to pamper your every need and create an exceptional relaxation experience that exceeds your expectations. Summer is just around the corner, and Ciel can help you have the perfect summer body! Smooth, sculpt and firm your body with…

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Smooth and Sculpt Your Body With Endermologie

Smooth and Sculpt Your Body With Endermologie - Ciel Spa

Endermologie is a relaxing body treatment that smoothes and sculpts your body, minimizing the appearance of unwanted cellulite and dimples. As one of the most popular non-surgical body sculpting treatments among beauty experts, plastic surgeons, and fitness addicts, we invite you to experience the results of endermologie for yourself at Ciel Spa! What Is Endermologie?…

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