Biologique Recherche Skincare Must-Haves

Biologique Recherche Skincare Must-Haves - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

We all know that France has bestowed some of the best beauty products. Nearly all the best skincare lines around the world are French. One of the most prominent names and skincare products industry is Biologique Recherche. Trust me when I say the brand has earned its reputation for all the right reasons. People cannot…

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Summer Skin Care Routine Tips

Summer Skin Care Routine Tips - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

Congratulations! You have finally made it passed the cold winter showers and snow and are now ready to soak in the warmth and glory of summer. As fun-filled as the summer season is, it can take a toll on your skin. The extra hours in the sunlight, pollution, sweat, and other environmental stressors will lead…

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Lait U Milk Cleanser Benefits and Results

Lait U Milk Cleanser Benefits and Results - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

Biologique Recherche has gained a lot of popularity for all the right reasons. One of the many products I tried and loved from the range is the Lait U milk cleanser. This was the second product I added to my stash after becoming obsessed with the Lotion P50. I was hunting for a low PH…

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The Powerful, Purifying Mask That Your Skin Will Love

The Powerful, Purifying Mask That Your Skin Will Love - Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

Dubbed the most powerful, purifying mask on the market, the magical benefits of Masque Vivant are endless! Masque Vivant is made by Biologique Recherche, the French skincare brand that is all around the internet for the famous Lotion P50. Biologique Recherche needs no introduction, and almost everyone is raving about it. The company is known…

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P50 Lotion Worthy of Being a Skincare TikTok Viral

P50 Lotion

As a skincare enthusiast, I have surely tried a lot of buzzy beauty products. Some of them worked and some of them were quite disastrous (tbh). Nothing worked its magic like Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50. Yes, I am talking about the smelly toner that has gone viral on TikTok despite its unpleasant scent. After a…

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TikTok Skincare Trends Debunked

TiktokSkincare Trends

TikTok is an emerging skincare platform due to its entertainment content but also due to its huge beauty community. From makeup artists to skincare enthusiasts to people trying various trends, you will be able to find all things beauty and skincare. A lot of TikTok skincare trends go viral and naturally a lot of people…

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Having Skin Issues – Try These Skincare Essentials That We Love 

Skincare Essentials

Dealing with skin issues? It’s very common and more normal than you think especially when you don’t have the right skincare routine in place. A skincare routine must be suited to your skin type, unique concerns, and involve quality products. In this article, we will share our favorite skincare essentials with you. Pick and choose…

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What Is Hormonal Acne and How Can I Get Rid of It? 

What Is Hormonal Acne

We all get acne now and then. Sometimes, it results from using harmful products, lack of a proper skincare routine, and in some instances, caused by hormones. Today we are going to discuss hormonal acne. It sounds just like its name; acne caused by the fluctuations in your hormones. Hormonal acne isn’t just a problem…

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How to Get Rid of Clogged Pores in Simple Steps?

How to Get Rid of Clogged Pores

Suddenly got an unattractive breakout of whiteheads and blackheads on and around your nose? Does your skin appear rough or uneven? Well, you might be suffering from clogged pores, my friend. Several factors lead to this condition. The most common ones are build-up, incorrect cleansing, hormones, excess oil, and dead skin. So, how to get…

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