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CBD Beauty Products That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a cannabinoid, or component, of cannabis, the plant also known as marijuana. While THC is the component that causes a high, CBD does not have the same properties, so there is no psychoactive effect when you use it. There are many health benefits of using CBD. Many have found that it reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain, and might even reduce your chances of developing diabetes. What you might not know is that CBD can also help your skin look and feel better. Some people use CBD internally, but this article will address the skin benefits of topical CBD beauty products.

Does CBD Benefit the Skin?

CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory. This means that it can help with any condition that is caused by inflammation. Many common skin disorders, from eczema to acne, and dry, irritated skin, are exacerbated by inflammation. By removing some of the equation’s inflammation, many topical CBD users find that their skin benefits and their inflammatory conditions improve.

The substance can also alleviate acne by suppressing some of the overactive oil glands in the skin. One way that CBD can help people with skin conditions is as a substitute for topical steroids. While steroids (such as cortisone cream that you might buy over-the-counter or a stronger prescription-strength cream) have their place and can reduce inflammation, they also have some side effects.

For example, they can cause bruising or skin damage, especially where the skin is thin. There is some speculation that CBD beauty products can be used in place of these steroids without the risk of side effects. If you are using topical steroids on your doctor’s advice, do not stop taking them or switch to CBD without talking to your physician first. You might consider bringing it up at your next visit, however.

CBD Beauty Products for Glowing Skin

There are quite a few products on the market that can allow you to experience the benefits of CBD. These range from bath salts and lotions to oils and lip balms. Here are some of the best ones we have found.

Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion

Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion is a soothing lotion that you can apply all over. It feels cooling when you apply it, making it perfect to use after a hot shower. It absorbs quickly, too, so you will be ready to get dressed promptly after applying it. This product comes in two different sizes and a few different fragrances: The signature fragrance has notes of citrus, sage, and mint, and the grapefruit fragrance is sweet and citrusy. There is also an unscented version available.

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts are a treat to use after a day at work or working out. Soaking in a warm or hot bath infused with these salts soothes tired muscles and helps you relax fully. These contain 240 mg of CBD, which is a large dose for the ultimate relaxation experience. Splash the water all over your body, including your face. When you emerge from the bath, pat yourself dry, and be sure to use a moisturizer on your face and a lotion on your body that will help seal in moisture.

Royal Oil

Royal Oil is a versatile product; you can use it as a tincture internally or apply it to your skin topically. The CBD is suspended in grapeseed oil, which does not have a flavor or fragrance. You can use drops of it under your tongue, stir a drop or two into your tea, or rub it into any inflamed areas on your skin. You can use this topically before moisturizing if you have problem areas such as eczema patches or acne lesions and watch your skin’s health improve over time.

Whole Plant Formula CBD Lip Balm

If your lips tend to get dry, flaky, and inflamed, Whole Plant Formula CBD Lip Balm might be the answer you’ve been searching for. It will soften your lips and make them more supple while healing inflamed skin. It has a light grapefruit scent. Note that this product does contain traces of THC, which is important to know if you are sensitive to that ingredient. The amount is too small to cause you to feel a high, however.

Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer

The acid mantle is a barrier that your skin produces to protect itself from the elements. Maintaining it is important and can reduce your risk of developing various inflammatory conditions. Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer contains ceramides, hemp extract, and other ingredients that can repair your acid mantle and keep it intact. You can use this cream on your face, let it soak in, then apply Royal Oil as a secondary layer.

Is CBD Safe to Use?

In a word, yes. CBD carries no known side effects when used topically. If you were to react to a topical product containing CBD, it would almost always be because you were sensitive to another ingredient in the product. CBD taken internally can have some mild side effects. These include drowsiness, a dry mouth, and nausea. If you are using CBD and experience these side effects, you can stop taking it, and they will go away.

You should talk to your doctor before taking CBD in any form if you take any prescription or over-the-counter medications, including supplements, or if you have any chronic health conditions. In some instances, it could interact with a medication you are taking or affect certain health conditions. In general, this is more of a problem with ingested CBD beauty products, but it is better to be safe and ask your doctor even if you are considering using CBD topically.

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