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European + French Beauty Trends 2020

There is something romantic about European and French beauty trends! When you think about glamour and romance, you might do so while envisioning a day spent shopping in Paris or while enjoying the banks of the Loire River. Since that’s probably not an option right about now, checking out some of these European and French beauty trends can help you get through the holiday season and start the new year with a fresh new look that is magnifique!

Smoky Eyes

Think back to the 1920s when smoky eyes were de rigueur. Now, apply that to present-day French beauty fashion. Use eyeshadow in a dark shade (gray, brown, plum, perhaps?) on your lid and blend well. You will want to focus more on the color (or a darker one) of your eyelid crease. Then add eyeliner to define your eyes. Follow up with mascara on the top lashes only. Keep your lips somewhat neutral with this look, so all attention is on your eyes. Maybe a rosy pink or a beige shade would work best, depending on your skin tone.

Cat Eye Makeup

This one can be a challenge, but you will look quite exotic if you can master it. You can spring for a cat eye stencil or stamp if you’re impatient, but with some good tutorials and a steady hand, you can master the cat eye that has made waves on French runways in 2020. It’s a great holiday look and is a festive way to start 2021 (and we all know we can use some festivity, even if we are ringing in the New Year with just our families or roommates!).

Get a good gel or liquid eyeliner (waterproof is best) and take some time to get the hang of the cat eye makeup technique. It will be slightly different for each person depending on your eye shape; if you have very creased eyelids, your approach will be different from your friend who has more hooded lids. But do not worry about the theory — watch some tutorials and give it a whirl yourself. Bonne chance!

Red Lips

If you are dressing up for the holidays, red lipstick might have already been on your list of must-haves. Most of us have a few tubes of bold red lipstick. For this look, matte is best. You’ll want to choose a red that goes well with your skin tone, so look for one that has cool or warm tones as appropriate.

If you have light skin, a bright red is perfect; those with darker skin might prefer a red that has some darker undertones. Here is the secret for the ideal French look: Skip the lip liner. Instead, paint it on directly from the tube and slightly blur the edges. Keep the rest of your face looking natural (foundation, concealer, and a swipe of mascara) to let your lips do the walking with this look.

Consider Eco-Minded Minimalism

There have been some comparisons made between French beauty in the 1920s and French beauty in the 2020s. A century ago, the lifestyle was about enjoying life in excess. However, many of us have a more environmentally friendly approach to all things, including beauty and makeup. A fresh look without a lot of product use can help you fit in with your French contemporaries if you make a trip across the pond. Think about using products that do double duty.

A foundation with a concealer included, perhaps. Or maybe a tinted moisturizer on good skin days when you need less coverage. You will not want to forget the SPF, so you can also find a foundation with sunscreen added for one less product you will need to use. Lipstick without liner (as described above) or nude lips and just a few eye products can create the look you want. Keep in mind the philosophy, “less is more,” when looking entirely European.

Do Not Forget the Hair

When making yourself up to look Parisian, you will not want to forget about your tresses. A few hairstyles are undeniably French, so consider a French bob if you are ready for a cut (and most of us are by now). This hairstyle is easy enough to wash and go, and if you leave it a bit long, you will also be able to pull it up away from your face. You can at least put it in a half-updo if the back is not quite long enough to make a full ponytail.

From a beachy look with uneven, there are many different options to a sleek, neatly blunted look and bobs with and without bangs. If you have long hair, the obvious choice is the French braid, but no need to settle for a boring one! You could put your hair into two French braids, kick the elegance up a notch with a French fishtail braid, or get ready for a fancy night out (or in) with a French braid bun. If your fingers are not quite up for the task, get a friend to help you, then you do hers as well.

Make It Personal

Remember that beauty is always individualized; not only is beauty in the eye of the beholder, but what looks good on a particular person depends a lot on skin and hair tone, facial shape, the clothing worn, the occasion, and much more. Do not feel locked into replicating what the top French models are doing because it might not work for you. Instead, think about what looks great on your skin and hair, then think of ways to weave some French essence into that.

Final Takeaway

In 2020, the natural look tended to dominate, and that might be the trend well into 2021 and beyond. If that is not you, though, then feel free to make your makeup choices bright and bold! You can have that French attitude and imagine yourself strolling through the busy streets of Marseille if you are confident in what you are doing.

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