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So You Got a Sunburn: Here’s What to Do Next

It happens to the best of us: sometimes, despite our best intentions, you end up with that telltale red burn that signifies a little too much time spent outside without the right protection. That scorching sunburn needs treatment ASAP, and luckily, as Los Angeles’ leading skincare experts, the team at Ciel Spa can help you learn how to reverse sun damage in both the short and long term so that you can reverse sun damage right away.

But treating a sunburn doesn’t just mean soothing redness and irritation: with any sunburn, you’re playing the long game in terms of fending off the negative consequences of sun exposure. In addition to providing immediate relief, sunburn treatment should also be focused on preventing further skin damage, as even a single sunburn can contribute to signs of aging like premature wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and other less than desirable skin effects.

How to Reverse Sun Damage in the Short-Term

Short-term sunburn care can help you reverse sun damage, but you can also take some preliminary steps to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. After all, we all know how difficult it is to get a full night of beauty sleep when you’re tossing and turning on painful, sunburned skin. Take care of your short term needs first, which will allow you to prep your body for the long term anti-aging steps that will come next.

━  Hydrate

Our number one tip on how to reverse sun damage in the short term? Water, water, and more water. As soon as you realize you’ve spent too much time in those rays, start upping your water intake. Drinking water will help hydrate your body and your skin, delivering much-needed nutrients to the affected areas. Take care to avoid commonly dehydrating beverages, such as coffee or alcohol, and eat cool, water-filled foods like fruits and vegetables to double down on your water and vitamin intake. Plus, any topical treatment you apply later to reverse sun damage will be much more effective once you’re fully hydrated and have replenished your body.

━  Apply Cold Water

Water is good for your body both inside and out after you’ve experienced a sunburn, so find ways to cool off, like taking multiple baths or showers, which will help bring down the inflammation and give you some much-needed (if temporary) relief. You can also achieve the same effect by placing a few damp towels in your fridge or freezer and applying them to the affected area every few hours. This will also get your skin prepped to apply a moisturizer that will seal in much-needed healing hydration and start the sun damage reversal process.

━  Soothe Skin With the Right All-Over Moisturizer

The next step is how to reverse sun damage? Apply a rich moisturizer that will help boost hydration levels – but not just any moisturizer will do! Your skin is susceptible right now, so avoid products that contain harsh, irritating ingredients or artificial fragrances. Instead, opt for an all-natural moisturizer or body cream with botanically-driven formulas that won’t increase irritation. You should also avoid using any exfoliants on your skin while your burn is healing, as this will only end up irritating it more.

How to Treat a Sunburn + Reverse Sun Damage - Ciel Spa

━  Battle Long-Term Sunburn Effects

Once you’ve taken care of your sunburn in the short term, it’s time to consider your approach on how to reverse sun damage in the medium and long term. Choosing premium grade products with a high concentration of active ingredients will be key when it comes to battling sun damage and fending off signs of aging, so seek out beauty brands that do their research and invest in cutting-edge skin science – trust us, your skin will thank you for it in the future!

At Ciel Spa, we use Biologique Recherche products for the face and body in all of our services. Biologique Recherche has been an international skincare leader for decades, and their naturally-derived, fast-acting formulas provide real results in terms of treating and preventing signs of aging. Here’s our recommended routine for promoting a soft, youthful complexion, even after you’ve committed a few sun-worshipping sins.

━  Get a Good Cleanser

The battle to reverse sun damage starts with a good cleanser that will remove impurities without being too harsh on your skin and create a clean slate for the rest of your skincare routine. We love Biologique Recherche’s Lait E.V. because it’s great for multiple skin types. It also has high levels of vitamin E and essential oils that deliver moisture and reduce aging signs while gently removing makeup, dirt, and oil.

━  Choose Potent Anti-Aging Serums

A serum is an indispensable tool – and some would argue the most important product – in the fight to reverse sun damage, so do your research and invest in only the best. Consider your primary anti-aging concerns when selecting the right serum for you: Serum Elastine Pure is a targeted serum to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, Serum PIGM 400 is great at reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots. The popular Serum Placenta addresses both concerns with one formula and is one of our top-sellers!

How to Treat a Sunburn + Reverse Sun Damage - Ciel Spa

━  Find an Ally in Your Face Cream

To help reverse sun damage, you’ll also need a rich face cream that can help plump up fine lines and wrinkles, seal in moisture, and protect skin from future issues. A Biologique Recherche favorite, Creme ADN Elastine Marine Collagene Marin leaves skin feeling supple and soft while working to even skin tone, brighten, and hydrate. These properties not only lead to replenished, younger-looking skin in the short term, but they also work to regenerate skin over time for a cream that does some serious heavy lifting.

While your face may be the focus of your efforts to reverse sun damage, don’t neglect your body! While your face gets the most sun exposure throughout your life, areas like your chest, neck, and decollete also tend to show signs of aging like crepey skin, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Opt for a luxe body moisturizer, like Creme Reparatrice, that you can use in the mornings and evenings to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity, especially in more delicate areas.

━  Incorporate a Finishing Serum

Your daily morning and evening skincare regimen will greatly benefit from a finishing serum, which can help lock in the benefits of the earlier steps and products in your routine and act as a defense against the elements and irritation. Le Grand Serum is a top-notch choice for all skin types, with its powerful blend of active ingredients and botanical extracts.

Particularly for mature skin and those looking to reverse sun damage. It protects the skin while boosting circulation and plumping fine lines and also creates the perfect canvas for your makeup for smooth and flawless application – a luxurious and beautiful start to your day!

━  Use a Facial Mask to Boost Benefits

In addition to your daily skincare routine, you’ll want to reverse sun damage with a mask designed to heal your skin, promote regeneration, and improve hydration to achieve that glowing, younger look. A mask such as Creme Biofixine designed to tighten mature skin while maintaining moisture will deliver a one-two punch with each application.

Thus, you can also apply it to your chest and neck area to give those exposed places a little TLC as well! No matter which product you choose, use a mask at least once a week or any time you feel your skin needs an extra boost. This can be especially helpful once the inflammation and redness of sunburn have gone down, and your skin is in the next stage of the healing process.

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At Ciel Spa, we offer a wide range of skin treatments and products focused on reversing sun damage and getting you glowing again. We are certified sellers of Biologique Recherche’s line of skincare products for the body and face both online and in our spa boutique.

Our skincare experts are fluent in the benefits of each one of these beauty-boosting cleansers, serums, and creams, so if you have questions about what products may be best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you and help you on your journey toward the skin of your dreams!