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How Often Should You Be Getting Facials?

How often should you be getting facials? Unfortunately, it’s common to think of the facial as an “extra” or a way of pampering yourself instead of as a necessary part of skincare and esthetic health. Maybe it’s because facials have a way of making you feel refreshed, and it’s easy to assume that something that feels good might not actually be effective or good for you. But according to professional estheticians, facials really aren’t optional.

They’re part of the skin repair process, they provide preventative care, and they may be necessary as a component of treating certain skin conditions. So, they aren’t just an extra self-care item like sleeping in on a random day off or taking a break from the day’s stress to relax with a book or movie. They should be done on a schedule that meets your skin’s needs. Take a look at what you need to know about getting facials and how often you should have one.

Facials Train Your Skin

Regular facials can help get your complexion into shape. You probably don’t think of skin as something that can be trained to look a certain way, but that’s about the way that facials work. Your skin cells respond to routine, so having a routine can help your skin stay looking a certain way. The key to training your skin to follow your facial routine is to tailor the facials to your skin. For example, oily skin will need a facial more often, while dry skin will need a facial less often.

Facials Help With Specific Skin Problems

A facial could be a treatment for a specific problem, like acne or blackheads. In that case, you may need a facial more often until your skin has responded to the treatment. So, for example, if you’re having acne treatments done, you may need to go in for a facial as often as once a week until the problem is under control, then you can taper down to a more spaced-out facial maintenance schedule.

If you’re having a series of chemical peels done – a common recommendation during the cooler months – then you may need to have that done more frequently until the series is completed and you revert to your normal maintenance schedule. Blackheads are like cuticle treatments in that they should be done by a professional and not treated at home. If your blackheads are removed improperly, the area can become irritated or leftover debris can build up and widen your pores.

Facials Help Increase Blood Circulation

An important part of the facial is the massage that helps to encourage blood circulation in your face’s skin. Increased blood circulation leads to that radiant, glowing look that you have after a facial. And sure, you may be able to massage your own skin, but having someone else do it as part of a facial is also a psychological boost.

Mentally, you already know when you’re going to massage your own skin, so your brain – and the nerve endings in your skin – aren’t surprised by it. It’s unusual, however, for someone else to touch your face in that way, so it comes as more of a surprise to the skin and brain, and that actually makes the massage more effective. It’s one of the reasons why you feel great after a facial – the “surprise” feeling of an outsider massaging your face.

Maintenance Facials Are Preventative

Sure, a facial can help a lot when dealing with a specific skin challenge like acne. But what about when your skin seems fine? It’s still important to get a facial in those cases because it can help prevent breakouts and complexion catastrophes from happening in the first place. You probably go to the dentist on a schedule even though your brush your teeth at home, right?

That’s because the dentist can remove plaque you can’t remove by yourself and spot problems or signs of potential problems so that you can take care of them before they escalate. It’s the same with a facial – your esthetician can treat skin challenges that you can’t or shouldn’t do yourself and keep on top of any changes that could spell trouble so that you don’t wind up with a skin problem.

Basic Facial Add-Ons

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all facials are the same. There are a few different ways to add to a facial to personalize it to your needs. These can include:

You don’t need all of the add-ons, of course. You may need different ones at different times. And even if you choose just one, you don’t need it all the time. For example, chemical peels may only be needed once or a few times a year, but you’ll still need regular facials during the rest of the year.

How Often Do You Need a Facial?

The answer is that it really depends. On average, you should probably be getting a facial every four to six weeks, but that’s not set in stone. You’ve learned that you may need to go in more often when dealing with a specific skin challenge and that if your skin type is oily or dry, you may need to come in more or less often.

The important thing to do is consult with a professional who understands your skin. They can help you work out a facial routine that’s right for you and recommend products and routines you can use at home to help you take good care of your face in-between visits. Ciel Spa understands the importance of personalization and choosing skin care routines and products that work well for your face. To find out more, take our online personalized skin consultation quiz.

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