Let’s Talk Life-Changing: Biologique Recherché’s Lotion P50

Ever heard of a product so good, users won’t consider trying anything else? Biologique Recherché’s Lotion P50 is one of those products. Biologique Recherché’s P50 skincare has transformative effects for many users who have discovered the numerous ways this product—and others in the Biologique Recherché collection—has helped people drastically improve the quality of their skin. Touted as having incredible results, the P50 skincare line is a vitamin-filled toner of moderate strength that exfoliates the skin to help treat or prevent hyperpigmentation and moisturize the skin.

Biologique Recherché’s P50: The Beginnings of a Family-Founded Company

Biologique Recherché Lotion P50 is part of a larger line of P50 skincare products created by the French beauty company, Biologique Recherché. Founded 40 years ago by Josette, Yvonne, and Phillippe Allouche, a physiotherapist, a biologist, and a doctor, BR was created out of their blended knowledge and desire to create a new wave in skincare. In the beginning, the company functioned much like a research and development lab with the sole purpose to develop numerous formulas for professionals unhappy with their existing products. From that the P50 skincare line was born.

Today, Biologique Recherché has a global reputation for incredible effectiveness based on a clinical approach to skincare using concentrated, pure, raw ingredients, as well as groundbreaking and detailed protocols and procedures. With their holistic approach to wellness, skincare, and know-how in high-end personalized beauty care, Biologique Recherché is now an international brand available 70 countries.

Infographic explaining the difference between P50 Lotions

About Biologique Recherché P50

There is a good reason the company has garnered a massive international following, including high profile clients such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Connelly, and Madonna who use their products to maintain and improve their picture-perfect complexions. The P50 skincare collection consists of a highly unique line of beauty products designed for the face and body. There are four different versions of Lotion P50: the original P50 formulation, P50V, P50W, and P50 1970. Each of these specifically crafted lotions serves a different and unique purpose.

  • Lotion P50: This lotion is stronger than other versions and is primarily used for oily skin types.
  • Lotion P50V: This formula focuses on more mature skin types. Lotion P50V contains ingredients that lighten the skin, exfoliate, and treat hyperpigmentation.
  • Lotion P50W: This formula is great for sensitive skin and is considered a good introductory product for those new to using the Biologique Recherché lotions.
  • Lotion P50 1970: This is the original version of Lotion P50V with just a slight change in ingredients.

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Different Products for Different Skin Types

Along with Biologique Recherché P50, there is a wide array of P50 skincare to fit the needs of every skin type.

Biologique Recherché’s P50V is often used in the first step of skin treatment as it gently exfoliates and aids in purifying the epidermis. However, the type of P50 you use will vary depending on your skin’s individual needs.

All the products from the P50 skincare line are separated into two different areas of treatment: the initial preparation step that involves cleansing and restorative treatment for the epidermis, and the second, which involves treatment geared toward the improvement of the appearance of the skin.

Because everyone’s skin is different, the types of products and P50 skincare used in both steps will vary according to the needs of the individual using the product.

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Great Products From a Great Line

Biologique Recherché’s P50 skincare line has a wide array of incredible products for the skin, but here are a few that have garnered a great deal of attention lately:

P50 PIGM 400 has become a favorite among its loyal users. With its unique formula, it is designed to reduce the appearance of pre-existing hyperpigmentation marks as well as prevent the creation of others. Further, this product works as a very mild exfoliant by regulating sebum and helps to prevent the skin from looking dull in appearance.

Lotion P50 1970 is also a great exfoliating toner used to help with regulation of sebum secretion, rehydrate the skin, exfoliate the skin, and aid in treating the prevention of ingrown hairs. While it is similar to Biologique Recherché’s Lotion P50, which does many of the same things, the ingredients differ in the two products. The original Lotion P50 1970 formula contains Phenol — a mild anesthetic and antiseptic — which helps to cleanse the skin as well as dull the tingle that is sometimes felt while using the lotion.

P50V is another great product from the family of Biologique Recherché P50 skincare.  As a newer formulation created to address issues of environmental health, Lotion P50V is for those in need of skin revitalization, hydration, and toning. It is exceptionally helpful in climates with cold and dry weather which can cause the skin to become more sensitive. This also makes it a nice alternative to the original P50 skincare formulation.

With so many different incredible products from the world of Biologique Recherché, there is something for every skin type and need. To find out more about Biologique Recherché P50 and the entire P50 skincare line, head to Ciel Spa today and let your skin find its happy place!