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The Magic of Lotion P50 and How It Protects Your Skin Barrier

Lotion P50 is a cult-favorite exfoliating, balancing, and skin barrier-protecting toner that nearly everyone raves about. The P stands for peeling, and the 50 stands for 50 days, also known as two epidermal cycles. The toner takes about 50 days to transform your skin for good. Lotion P50 comes in multiple versions.

Lotion P50’s Magical Skin Barrier Protection

Although various companies have tried to come up with multiple variations of the product, nobody has matched it to date. It takes around five days to create Lotion P50, which is quite extensive and complicated. That is why nobody has ever been able to copy it quite perfectly. It isn’t like any other acids available on the market. It is very mild, around 2 to 5 percent. On the other hand, most of the acids are 10 percent which can become quite harsh.

It is also a moisturizer and not primarily an exfoliator as most people think it to be. It is a lotion, after all, with exfoliating benefits. Lotion P50 contains alpha-hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and polyhydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids have two actions: putting a lot of water into the epidermis while exfoliating the skin. Polyhydroxy acids essentially balance the side effects of AHAs and replenish the antioxidants. This is how Lotion P50 simultaneously moisturizes and exfoliates your skin.

Frequency Use of Lotion P50

The product is meant to be used twice a day. A lot of people are concerned about overdoing it. If you use it more than two times a day, you are going overboard. One fantastic benefit of Lotion P50 is that it works with natural sebum flow, protecting your skin barrier from threats and harmful UV rays. Sebum is not only a natural UV filter but is also an anti-germ and anti-bacterial. That is how it offers skin barrier protection against your worst skin-emies while improving the state of your skin.

Correct Way to Use Lotion P50

Here is the right way to use Lotion P50:

      1. If you haven’t used acids before, begin by using a cotton pad with a little bit of water before applying Lotion P50. Post that, you can apply Lotion P50 directly onto the dry cotton pad. It will help dilute the acid until your skin gets used to it.
      2. Wash your face thoroughly and pat dry. Apply the few drops of Lotion P50 on a wet/dry cotton pad and gently wipe it across your face, neck, and decolletage.
      3. If you find that the product is too strong, you can apply a face mist on your face after a few moments. It will help neutralize the acid. Leave it on your skin and continue with the rest of your regimen.
      4. Use twice a day after cleansing and before moisturizing.

How Lotion P50 Defends Your Skin Barrier Against Enemies

Lotion P50 is one of the purest and most potent formulas out there. It contains active ingredients like thyme essential oil and myrrh and is known for its purifying, toning, and antiseptic properties. The product has a high concentration of acids penetrating your skin barrier quickly and is suitable for all skin types. Lotion P50 is Biologique Recherche’s unique acid toners.

The balancing and exfoliating action of these miracle products speed up the epidermal shield’s natural exfoliation and reconstruction process. It enables the fortified epidermis to fulfill its protective functions and enhances the skin’s self-regeneration potential. If you are looking for one product that simultaneously exfoliates, purifies, regenerates, and maintains the pH of the epidermis, Lotion P50 it is. Try it to see the results. Your skin will be gently renewed for the next 50 days.

Which Lotion P50 Is Right for Your Skin?

Lotion P50 comes in six different formulations. It’s challenging yet important to select the right one, primarily for first-time users. If you need help determining the best formula for your unique skin type and needs, consult your skin care specialist. If you don’t wish to do so, here is a general guideline on what each variation will do for you.

P50 1970

Hands down, P50 1970 is the strongest of the P50 product line and was the first-ever formula created using phenol. It is not recommended for people with sensitive skin types or pregnant or lactating women. The downside is that it is a powerful product with the worst smell. It is highly recommended for people who have an oily skin type.


P50 is the original formula and does not contain phenol. This product is recommended for normal to oily skin individuals.


The P50V formula is rich in vitamins and is meant for mature skin types. If your skin is sensitive, this product isn’t meant for you. P50V is recommended for most skin types and is generally given to most individuals as a starting point.

P50V 1970

The P50V 1970 formula contains phenol and is recommended for maturing skin. It isn’t recommended if your skin is sensitive or you are pregnant and lactating. The product generally works well for normal skin.


P50W is ideal for dry-skinned individuals. It contains arnica, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it works wonders for dry and sensitive skin. If your skin is dehydrative and reactive, other P50 formulas aren’t meant for you and can be drying and stripping.

P50 PIGM 400

P50 PIGM 400 is the mildest formula. It is excellent for daily use and is specifically meant to target hyperpigmentation. This is a must-have if you are struggling with hyperpigmentation and have sensitive and dry skin.

We hope you’ve learned enough about Lotion P50 to determine whether it will or won’t work to address your skin needs and issues. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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