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Grown Men’s Skincare Routine Guide: Essential Things to Know

Incorporating a men’s skincare routine is an alien concept for most men. It’s something that women do for some strange reason. If you are a man and have tumbled over bottles of skincare while reaching for your shaving cream, I am sure you have wondered what is in them and whether is it worth the money or not.

It’s not surprising that most men think of male-oriented skincare lines as marketing ploys. I have a surprise for you: skincare isn’t just for your wife/girlfriend/daughter or any other female on the planet. Dermatologists worldwide say that older men are highly interested in keeping their skin looking youthful for longer.

Regardless of how well you dress and how kept your hair is, if your skin is dull, unhealthy, and blotchy, you will not look and feel your best. Proper skincare isn’t just about looking young; it serves a practical purpose: to prevent skin cancer. About 1 million new cases of skin cancer are reported every single year. Out of which, 8000 prove to be fatal.

Fortunately, there are many simple yet effective skincare options available for men. You won’t have to spend hours in the bathroom and still get pretty decent-looking skin at any age.

Male Edge in Skincare

Did you know that those rigid hair follicles each day help keep your face wrinkle-free and act as a support structure for your face? They serve as a tighter network of fatty tissue directly under the skin, making your skin thicker than women’s and making it more prone to resist wrinkles. As a man, you will have more collagen and elastin fibers in your face, giving your skin its due strength and elasticity.

Hair glands on your face produce oil, making your skin look plump and more youthful. Moreover, shaving offers dramatic exfoliation of the outer layers of the skin, making you look youthful for longer. Your skin will still age with time, and call for a skincare routine with these advantages

A Simple, Effective Plan

Suppose you have always washed your face with bar soap and have no idea where to begin. Start with sunscreen. This is critical for every single man who can’t be bothered by multiple steps. Using sunscreen is non-negotiable. It not only helps you maintain a healthy, attractive appearance but also protects you from harmful sun rays that are responsible for 90% of all skin cancers.

Sunlight generates high-energy particles known as free radicals that attack the skin cells. It destroys collagen and damages cellular DNA, which are two prime causes of skin cancer. Ensure that your sunscreen offers full-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB radiation. You need to choose a sunscreen that has a minimum SPF 15.  If you don’t already use sunscreen, here is some advice for you:

  • Try a gel or a spray sunscreen. Many men hate the feeling of lotions and creams on their faces and prefer sprays and gel-based products. They are not only easy to apply but won’t leave a sticky feeling on your skin.
  • If you have a bald spot, you need to apply sunscreen there or simply use a hat to cover it up. Long-sleeved shirts, pants, and tight-knit fabrics all work in your favor and offer protection against the sun.
  • If you are a fan of natural tanning, consider buying a tan in the tin instead of lying on the beach. You can get plenty of self-tanning lotions and sprays in the market that are super easy to use and give you a bronzy glow, minus all the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Stay clear of tanning beds. They are almost as harmful as direct sunlight.

Face-Saving, Age-Defying Products to Include Men’s Skincare Routine

Here is a list of common and easy-to-use products that must be a part of your skincare routine once you have established the habit of using sunscreen.


If you have used soap and water all your life and it works for you, great. However, if you have oily skin, you might want to use an astringent. If you are someone with sensitive skin, look for fragrance and dye-free cleansers.


You’ll be happy about this one unless you like to carry a long beard. The new kinds of razors with multiple blades not only give you a close shave but also remove dead layers of the skin. Multiple blades will do more harm than good if you have curly hair and create ingrown hairs. In that case, single-blade razors or electric razors will work well for you. Also, seek out a more soothing shaving cream or gel.


You need to pay close attention to your aftershave than simply picking any random one off the shelf. If your aftershave contains a lot of alcohol, it is a recipe for dry and dull skin. Consider an aftershave balm that includes a disinfectant along with a moisturizer to prevent blackheads and prevent ingrown hairs. 


You can get a prescription retinoid that prevents sun-induced aging if you want. The most popular ones are vitamin-A-based retinoids such as Retin A or Renova. This word might seem alien to most men, but it is one of the most effective skincare ingredients to unplug and prevent clogged pores.


Topical vitamin C is a very popular antioxidant. Make sure to get your hands on a topical vitamin C serum rather than a cream. Serums get quickly absorbed into your skin. Use it with other powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E and green tea extract to make your skin look fabulous.

Product Recommendations

If you are not too keen on doing research and looking for a handful of amazing products that will work for you, simply pick a few or all from our list:

We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any other questions about starting a men’s skincare routine, feel free to leave them down in the comments section below, and we will get back to you.

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