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Hydrate and restore your skin on a deeper level with our rich selection of luxurious spa skincare products. These specially formulated spa toiletry solutions are enriched with natural, soothing ingredients like essential oils, cocoa butter, and roasted vanilla bean, and they’re the same proprietary skincare solutions that we use in our Beverly Hills spa.

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We carry a complete assortment of body creams, oils, complexes, and accessories. The all-natural botanicals penetrate deep into the skin to clean, detoxify, hydrate, and renew on a cellular level. Our Ciel body wash and Ciel lotion work beautifully with one another. Use our exfoliating body wash in the shower, and then follow up with the lotion to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. While you’re shopping for spa skincare products, you might also browse our signature shampoo and conditioner selections which contain the same types of natural soothing botanicals. All of these products are available exclusively through Ciel Spa, and they’re formulated and packaged according to our uncompromising quality standards.

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Ciel Spa brings together some of the world’s top skincare professionals to curate the best high-end skincare solutions and luxury facials for every type of skin. Whether you’re looking to hydrate with a Ciel lotion or cleanse with our Ciel body wash, you’ll feel the difference immediately. When coupled with our selection of Biologique Recherche products, these solutions provide lasting results. Explore our full line of spa skincare products and give your skin the deep nourishing it deserves.

COVID-19 Update

During this national health crisis, self-care is more important than ever. To help keep our staff and clients safe, we have adjusted our hours to 10 a.m to 2 p.m, Monday through Friday. During this time we will offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment but, unfortunately, will not be able to provide our regular spa services including facials and massages. We will continue to fulfill online orders, and in-store purchases will be delivered through curbside pickups.

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