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Biologique Recherche Exfoliators

Ciel Spa carries a full line of P50 exfoliators from the skincare visionaries at Biologique Recherche, a premier French beauty brand. These Biologique Recherche exfoliators are available in over half a dozen unique formulations, each designed to target specific skin types and match your skin’s needs. Explore Biologique toners available for normal, oily, dry, combination, and mature complexions today.

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P50 Exfoliators: The Importance of Exfoliating

Proper exfoliation is essential for any skincare routine. It eliminates the barrier of dead skin cells covering the dermis and epidermis, allowing fresh cells to emerge. Not only does this leave the skin softer and cleaner, but it allows your high-end skincare products, such as all-natural serums and creams, to penetrate deeper into the skin, so you get better results throughout every stage of your skincare regimen.

Applying Your Biologique Toner

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 has been described as “a facial in a bottle” and for good reason, too. Lotion P50 lightens the skin, reduces signs of hyperpigmentation, and improves the skin’s natural moisture leaving you with glowing, vibrant skin. It even balances the skin’s pH balance. Best of all, it’s a gentle formula that’s very easy-to-apply. Just use a cotton pad and gently pat -- never rub -- a small amount to your face in the evening. You can use Biologique Recherche exfoliators as part of your Biologique Recherche routine, after cleansing but before applying your favorite cream or serum.

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Ciel Spa is the premier beauty and skincare authority in Beverly Hills. Not only do we offer L.A.’s best facials at our facility in the luxurious SLS Hotel, but we carry a full line of Biologique Recherche exfoliators. These are some of the best lotions on the market, designed to help you maintain a youthful appearance and healthy skin. Browse the full line of Biologique toners today, and give your skin the VIP treatment.

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