Gommage P50 Corps

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Biologique Recherche Gommage P50 Corps is a specialized and highly effective exfoliating gel that leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed with every use. This concentrated treatment is ideal for all skin types. It will improve the skin’s smoothness and overall appearance by enhancing the body’s natural exfoliation process to remove dry, dull skin, promote cellular regeneration, even the skin’s complexion, and enhance each step's effectiveness in your skincare regimen.

Biologique Recherche Gommage P50 Corps Benefits

Biologique Recherche’s unique exfoliating body gel formula is free of artificial fragrances. It utilizes active ingredients that promote the skin’s well-being, including all-natural silk extract, argan oil, royal jelly, and more. Your exfoliated skin will feel soft, smooth, and primed for the next steps in your skincare routine. Pair Biologique Recherche Gommage P50 Corps with one of Biologique Recherche’s moisturizing body creams, such as Emulsion Corps VIP 02 or Creme Dermo-RL Corps, for soft, revitalized skin.

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Recommended for keratinized skin, at the beginning of each epidermal cycle, after the summer, and before a slimming cure.


Apply this exfoliating gel to wet skin once a week with emphasized use on particularly prone dry areas of the body such as elbows, knees, and heels. Regular at-home application of Gommage P50 Corps will help remove impurities and dead skin cells, allowing the skin’s natural texture to be renewed for an all-over glow.


Cockleshell, Alpha, Poly Alpha, BetaHydroxy Acids, Silk Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Cotton Oil, Argan Oil, Reconstituted NMF, Essential Oil of Cypress, Limon, Royal Jelly Extracts.

5/5 (1)