Platysma Mask

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The platysma muscle can become weak and saggy with age, which can lead to a more aged appearance. A platysma mask can help to firm up the muscle and improve its appearance. Platysma masks are a type of facial mask that is designed to improve the appearance of the platysma muscle. The platysma muscle is a thin, band-like muscle that extends from the front of the neck to the clavicle. It plays an important role in controlling facial expressions and helps to give the neck its shape. The mask is made from a soft, silicone material that conforms to the shape of the face. It has several rows of small, flexible bristles that help to massage and stimulate the platysma muscle. This treatment provides a targeted response to the problem of facial ptosis, a Platysma mask provides an immediate “lift” effect. Its universal shape and stretch support allows the oval of the face to be tightened. The mandibular line is restructured and the contours of the face are redefined.
  • Reduces the phenomenon of facial ptosis
  • Mechanically restores the oval of the face
  • Provides an immediate “lift” effect
  • Restructures the mandibular line
  • Redraws the contours of the face
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