Sexy Contour Lip Liner Fashion Girl


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Romanovamakeup Sexy Contour Lip Liner Fashion Girl is all making the perfect lip look easy. A perfect pout is always in fashion, and shade from celebrity makeup artist, Olga Romanova, helps you always look your best.

About Romanovamakeup Sexy Contour Lip Liner Fashion Girl

Olga created the Sexy Contour Lip Liner line to meet her celebrity clients' beauty needs and women everywhere. The precision tip and attached brush allow anyone to achieve a red-carpet look even if they don’t have access to a world-renowned makeup artist. This Romanovamakeup lip liner is compact and flexible. Just outline the lips, fill your contour, and use the provided brush for flawless blending. The resulting look is soft and natural, but your lips instantly look brighter, fuller, and more defined. It pairs well with Romanova’s Ketione lipstick, but it can also be used on its own or alongside your other favorite cosmetics and spa products.

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