Sexy Contour Lip Liner Ice Kiss


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Don’t let the name fool you; this Ice Kiss shade makes everything hotter. Developed by celebrity makeup artist Olga Romanova, these moisturizing lip liners are trusted by leading beauticians and everyday women who appreciate high-end skincare and beauty made easy.

With its easy-application tip, attached blending brush, and flexible texture, this Sexy Contour Lip Liner allows anyone to achieve the kind of contour that you would expect from a professional makeup artist.

To apply Ice Kiss, use the applicator to outline the lips and fill in the contour. Then use the fine-point brush to gently blend and soften this eye-catching brown shade. The texture is just slightly muted so as to accentuate and add expressiveness to your lips without overwhelming your appearance. It can be combined with other lipstick shades for a trendy ombre look, or it can be used on its own to add some basic definition. It pairs especially well with Romanova Makeup’s Praline and Bellini shade lipsticks.

For the best spa products and high-end cosmetics, look no further than Ciel Spa. We specialize in helping women look and feel their best, and part of that commitment means ensuring that we maintain the highest standards for the products we sell. Discover for yourself why Ice Kiss is quickly joining the ranks of our best-selling skincare and beauty products. Order now for free shipping on your order!

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