Sexy Gloss Desert Rose


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The desert may be hot, but you’ll look even hotter when you add this Desert Rose lipstick to your makeup bag. This sexy 2-in-1 product provides you with both a gloss and a tint, accentuating your lips with an exquisite pastel pink glow that lasts all day.

As part of the nude collection from Romanovamakeup, Desert Rose goes on smoothly and blends effortlessly. Though the soft hue looks natural to the naked eye, it highlights your lips with stunning effect. Best of all, it lasts all day and doesn’t smudge, so you can simply set it and forget it as you go about your day looking amazing.

As a high-end skincare provider, we take great care to ensure that all of the products in our inventory are safe, comfortable, and suitable for all skin types.

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