Sexy Powder Highlighter New Bestseller DIAMOND


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The Sexy Powder Highlighter is a unique powder with ultra-fine shining particles, which literally melt into your skin and give it a natural glow. We offer two different ways to wear Sexy Powder Highlighter. It can be applied dry by using a fluffy brush, or wet by spraying some setting spray onto your brush beforehand. The first type of application will give your skin a soft glow, the second will let you achieve the effect of polished skin. It’s worth noting that in both versions the radiance comes off very natural, and the texture of the highlighter is completely invisible on the skin and leaves an elegant finish that doesn’t look glittery. By changing the application intensity, you can achieve any effect: from a soft everyday shine to a brighter, glamorous luminescence of a cream highlighter. Apply on top of the cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid’s bow. For a more glossy make-up, add under the eyebrows, chin, earlobes, neck and collarbone.


Powder Highlighter


A dazzling highlight

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