Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil


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Romanovamakeup Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil is an ultra water-resistant, cream-based texturizer and mattifier, perfect for flawless blending. While its delicate, creamy texture works to ensure a perfect blend within 40 seconds of application, the rich color sets in to provide extreme, versatile long-wear results.

This beauty multitasker is a true powerhouse, offered in a variety of unique shades and effects, such as:

  • Secret Haze: Vibrant metallic gray with a hint of purple.
  • Carbon Black: An ultra-black staple and beauty must-have.
  • Emerald: An excellent alternative to your everyday, go-to black pencil. When blended, it delivers a beautiful cool-toned emerald haze. Green is a very intense color, but this fashion-forward shade will add an element of freshness to any makeup look.
  • Brownie: Dark brown matte texture and shade. Also a fantastic warm alternative to your black pencil.
  • Don't Stop the Dance: Rich brown with iridescent gold particles creates a radiant look with a mysterious shimmer.
  • Friday Night: Dark brown shade with super fine light-reflecting particles. This shade has a cool undertone with a hint of eggplant color.
  • Amber Dust: Deep shade of dark amber with fine, luminous golden-copper particles.
  • Make a Wish: Light and delicate shade with a metallic effect combine gold and platinum light-reflecting particles for an exquisite and complex shade.

World-renowned makeup artist and beauty expert Olga Romanova created the Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil in dramatic shades for those women who, like herself, prefer a natural-looking yet classic color palette!

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Secret Haze, Carbon Black, Emerald, Brownie, Don't Stop the Dance, Friday Night, Amber Dust, Make a Wish


Water-resistant, creamy eyeliner pencil.


A multi-tasking, emphasizing eyeliner for long-lasting wear.

5/5 (2)