Sexy Velvet Lipstick Pen Ketione


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Romanovamakeup Sexy Velvet Lipstick Pen Ketione is a stylish, caramel-beige shade designed in collaboration with famous Russian singer Keti Topuria. This Sexy Velvet Lipstick Pen is super easy to apply. Its rich, creamy texture and non-drying formula provide supreme hydration. The product can be easily blended to adjust coverage within the first couple of minutes of application. Once the color dries to a matte finish, you can go on with your day and never have to worry about reapplying. The soft texture offers a comfortable glide and precise application. The pigment is quickly absorbed by your lips, delivering all-day weightless wear and high impact color that will last from morning coffee with friends to date night.

Sexy Contour Lip Liner Ketione Application

Romanovamakeup Sexy Velvet Lipstick Pen Ketione is guaranteed to add some spice to your lip game. Designed by celebrity makeup artist Olga Romanova and named after Russan singer Keti Topuria, Sexy Velvet Lipstick Pen Ketione goes on velvety smooth and provides a bold contrast that lasts all day. Luckily, you don’t have to be a celebrated pop star to reap the stylish rewards of this stunning lipstick! This Sexy Velvet Lipstick Pen works as both a lipstick and a contouring tool. Apply it first thing in the morning, and then carry it with you to take care of simple touch-ups as needed. It blends easily, and it works especially well with sexy evening ensembles. Luxury cosmetics have never looked so good! One of the great things about this Sexy Velvet Lipstick Pen is that it doesn’t dry the skin on your lips. The creamy texture helps your skin retain its natural moisture, so it’s more than suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin. It doesn’t smear or smudge, and it’s perfect for those times when you want to turn heads for all the right reasons.

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