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How to Refine Your Skincare Goals for the Changing Seasons

The changing season calls for new skincare goals, rituals, and products if you want your skin to look like a million dollars all year around. If you transition to cozy, warm beverages when the cool breeze replaces the warm weather, it is time to invest in new products. There is much more to skincare than simply piling on new moisturizers. We’ll discuss all of it in this article. But first, let’s understand why you need to change your skincare goals and routine in the first place.

Why Alter Your Skincare Goals With the Changing Seasons?

Overall, the climate is super dry, indoor heating systems are working to their full potential, and our skin begins to lose its moisture and becomes damaged. As the sun slowly loses its strength, moisture levels also start to drop as we approach the autumn months. These combined factors can lead to increased sensitivity, irritation, and skin dryness. Your skin is quite similar to the leaves of the trees. There are days when your skin will look glowy, fresh, and dewy, mimicking a spring flower, while other days, it will look super crusty, dull, and pigmented. We must prevent this from happening as we approach the autumn and winter months.

Do’s for Healthy Skin

Stick to the tips mentioned below, and your skin will not have to suffer a day, despite the harsh climate:

  • Get your hands on an air purifier. Cooler temperatures translate to a lack of fresh air in our indoor spaces, which can negatively impact the health of your skin. An air purifier is a significant investment.
  • You can also purchase air-cleaning plants from your local nursery to help eliminate your space’s toxins.
  • Opt for more hydrating and nourishing skincare products to keep away dryness. You can only continue with your summer skincare routine in the fall months. We will discuss this aspect in detail in the skincare section of this article.
  • Do not skip sunscreen despite the changing seasons. It is a must-have every single day.

What to Eat

Having good skin is more than piling on different products. Sometimes, it is about what you put inside your body:

  • While we all love pumpkin lattes during this time of the year, it is time to indulge in the actual pumpkin. Pumpkins are rich in antioxidants and will work wonders for boosting your skin’s radiance from within.
  • Another great food option to try is sweet potatoes. They are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C and E, all of which work in favor of your skin.
  • Want to keep your skin hydrated while aiding your body’s natural lymphatic system? Try consuming lemon water every single day for excellent health and beauty benefits.

Fun Skincare Things to Try

Here are a few things you need to be mindful of:

  • With cooler temperatures, the sun can be avoided easily. That is the best time for collagen-induced skincare therapies and chemical exfoliation treatments. It will not only rejuvenate your skin but will prevent increased skin sensitivity.
  • We recommend trying derma rolling and at-home facial massages this time of the year. If it isn’t a part of your daily skincare routine, we recommend giving it a go.
  • If you are a fan of laser treatments, now is the time to get them done, as the sun isn’t always out in the summer months and protecting your skin is much easier.

Fall Skincare Goals and Tips

Now let’s dive into the skincare tips that will ensure you have soft, luscious skin, even through the colder months. These are in no particular order.

Invest in a Moisturizing Sunscreen

We are all about oil-free, gel-based sunscreens in the summer months, but investing in a good, moisturizing sunscreen can work wonders in the fall. It protects your skin from the sun and provides nourishment all day long.

Add Vitamin C to Your Routine

Invest in a high-quality vitamin C serum. It will boost collagen production in your skin, treat pigmentation, and eliminate uneven skin tone over time. Moreover, it also bumps up the radiance and glow of your skin.

Use Hyaluronic Acid to Your Advantage

Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic skincare ingredient to add to your routine, regardless of your skin type. Start with a serum and then gradually build up your collection. You can find face washes, cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and night creams that contain hyaluronic acid.

Don’t Skip Exfoliation

Many people need to pay more attention to skipping exfoliation when the season changes. That is what leads to dull skin and uneven skin texture. Chemical exfoliants are great to be used around this time of the year. Using them once to twice weekly is typically enough to buff away the dead skin cells and reveal fresher, glowing skin underneath.  

Night Cream

It is crucial to invest in a good quality night cream. Choose one with rich, moisturizing ingredients that nourish your skin from within and lock in moisture. Generally, these are much more potent and nourishing than your average day moisturizer.

Try Slugging

Never heard of the term? Well, it is one of the best-kept Korean Secrets. Once you are done with all the nighttime skincare steps, take a pea-sized amount of petroleum jelly and rub it all over your face and neck. This simple step will work wonders for sealing in all the goodness of the unique skincare products and truly boost the glow. No, it won’t clog your pores.

Final Takeaway

Fall skincare goals call for bumping the moisture quotient, regular skin exfoliation, and targeted treatments per your skin concerns. The key to impeccable skin is consistency. Using all the skincare products two to three times a day and sleeping without even removing your makeup the rest of the day won’t bring fruitful results. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below, and we will get back to you.

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