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Rejuvenate + Awaken Your Skin With a Fall Facial

As the summer heat begins to fade and fall weather approaches, your skin may start looking dry, clogged, or sun damaged. Rejuvenate and awaken your skin with a fall facial.

Fall is a time that is sandwiched between lazy summer days and the crazy holiday season. With shorter days, crisp winters, cable-knit sweaters, and leather boots, this is surely our favorite season. It is a great season to pamper your skin, repair the damage of the summer months and get it in the best shape for the holiday season. All in all, it is the best time to schedule a fall facial.

Why Is Autumn the Best Time to Schedule a Fall Facial?

Apart from prepping up for the holidays and looking your best, there are certain logical reasons why fall is the best time to treat your skin with a fall facial:

1. Unclogs Pores

Over the summers, your skin goes through a lot. Your pores will become clogged due to dust, pollution, humidity, and sunscreens. As a result, your skin can look incredibly dry and dreary. The clogged pores eventually turn into whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. Hence, post-summer is a great time to get all the gunk out of your pores.

2. Removes Dead Skin Cells

The right facial will remove the dead skin cells from your face and reveal fresh, glowing skin underneath. All the facials involve some level of exfoliation that helps get rid of dry skin patches and make your skin soft to the touch. Exfoliation helps even out your skin tone, eliminates blackheads and whiteheads, and makes your skin radiant.

3. Moistures Skin

Facials not only help to get rid of dead skin cells but also moisturize your skin at deeper levels. This is much needed for the cold and harsh winter days that are about to come. Getting a fall facial will keep your skin soft, plump, and hydrated throughout the chilly winters. Moreover, don’t we all want a dewy glow?

4. Repairs Sun-Damaged Skin

Believe it or not, our skin is more prone to damage during the summer months. A lot of us are spending our time outdoors. This exposes our skin to pollution and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Fall is a great time to repair your skin from all the summer damage and recharge it for all the upcoming winter festivities.

Importance of a Skincare Expert’s Perspective

When you go to an aesthetician for a facial, they will carefully analyze your skin and customize the facial as per your unique needs. Not all facials are created the same. What might work for a person with dry skin will not work for someone with oily skin and vice-versa. An expert will carefully analyze your skin and curate a facial accordingly. Moreover, you will get a realistic insight into the current condition of your skin and some tips on caring for it post-facial.

15 Amazing, Must-Try Fall Facials

Ciel Spa offers an extensive range of facials, suitable for almost every skin type and skin concern. Following are some facials you can try this fall:


Biologique Recherche’s signature Skin Instant Lab provides a customized diagnosis of your skin’s needs. It takes into account moisture level, water loss, elasticity, pigmentation, and oiliness. The Skin Instant Lab will recommend suitable Biologique Recherche that will be used in the facial to offer a highly customized experience.


The VIP O₂ Booster® facial offers a combination of exfoliation as well as bio-energy massages to make your skin healthy, glowing, and full of life. This is ideal for anyone looking to achieve a radiant and lively complexion.


If your skin is prone to acne and congestion, this facial is perfect for you. The Ciel cleansing facial will deep clean, and purify your skin while accelerating the natural healing process. The treatment involves extractions and a customized selection of Biologique Recherche products.


This is certainly one of the best facials you will find in Los Angeles. The skin experts at Ciel will perform a very thorough skin analysis and develop a custom skin facial to revive your skin. Whether you are dealing with aging, hyperpigmentation, or dull skin, this facial will tackle your individual skin concerns.


As evident from the name, collagen facial will moisturize the skin to make it look plumper. It minimizes dryness and tackles signs of aging. After the facial, you are sure to have soft, smooth, hydrated, and rejuvenated skin that glows with natural moisture.


The double lift facial combines Le Soin Lissant or Le Lift with Biologique Recherche’s Remodeling Face Machine to boost skin elasticity and vibrancy. The treatment is ultra-hydrating and stimulates the natural defense system of the skin.


Don’t want to spend a lot of time on skincare? This quick but super-effective express refresher facial is perfect for you. This 30-minute, skin pick-up fall facial will transform your skin on the go and is great to get just before the holiday season.


Le Lift facial is an exfoliating skin treatment that lifts and tones up the skin simultaneously. The sea crystals help to get rid of dead skin cells and promote oxygenation. As a result, you get lifted, glowing skin.


It is a super hydrating treatment that stimulates the natural defense system of your skin. A combination of pulsing strokes, sculpting movements, and Biologique Recherche treatments make your skin looks radiant, youthful, and glowing.


The mesotherapy facials stimulate collagen production, reduce water retention, improve skin tone, and detoxify the skin. Immediately after the treatment, your skin will look intensely hydrated and plump.


If you are striving for a red-carpet look in a single session, this fall facial is ideal for you. The aestheticians will use a custom cocktail of Biologique Recherche serums and masks to give you a show-stopping glow.


If you want brighter-looking eyes, pronounced cheekbones, less visible wrinkles, and a clearly defined facial contour, the Biologique Recherche’s innovative face sculpting Remodeling Facial Machine will do the trick for you.


The second skin facial is a great alternative to invasive facial fillers. The treatment involves the use of sterile electrospun hyaluronic acid skin patches custom-fitted to your skin. It is an amazing anti-wrinkle treatment.


The triple lift facial is hands down the best anti-aging facial. It is an effective anti-wrinkle treatment that gently exfoliates and hydrates your skin to give it a youthful glow.

Final Thoughts

Fall is hands down the best time to nourish your skin. Ciel Spa has an extensive range of facials suited for almost every skin concern. You can choose the one as per your skin type and get the much-needed glow back.

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