Second Skin Facial


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Our Second Skin Facial is an incredible regenerating treatment that is a revolutionary alternative to invasive facial fillers. Sterile electrospun hyaluronic acid skin patches are custom fitted to your unique trouble areas and massaged carefully with serum until absorbed, creating an effective anti-wrinkle treatment with instant results.

This treatment was specifically designed with the needs of maturing skin in mind. The anti-aging patches created by Biologique Recherche hold 80% pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid for your skin and are able to immediately plump and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

This anti-wrinkle treatment results in plumper and more hydrated skin instantly.

How This Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Revitalizes Your Skin

The Second Skin facial starts with your skin therapist cleansing your face and purifying your pores. Then, they will apply Lotion P50, our favorite Biologique Recherche exfoliator. With your skin fully prepped, your therapist will then apply hyaluronic acid patches for your skin’s problem areas. In order for this wrinkle treatment to be effective, these patches will stay on until the hyaluronic acid is fully absorbed into the skin. Then, we will apply a moisturizing cream.

The result? A renewed complexion and revitalized skin that will have you saying “wow” when you look in the mirror.

Who Benefits From Our Second Skin Facial?

We recommend the Second Skin Facial to those who are looking for an intensive anti-wrinkle treatment without the needles! It is perfect for men and women who are starting to see the signs of aging set in.

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