Biologique Recherche: The Secret to Effortless luxury skin care


Biologique Recherche is more than just a premier luxury skin care line. The brand has revolutionized modern beauty. Established with a simple, defining philosophy that our skin houses our body, Biologique maintains that by taking steps to protect our skin from environmental and external irritants so that we can protect our whole body from vulnerabilities.

This luxury skin care brand goes beyond the simple categorization of one’s skin as normal, dry, or oily. Each individual’s skin changes condition not once, but several times in a single day, and over the course of our lifetimes. In order to restore balance, targeted Biologique treatments rejuvenate and protect the epidermis, restoring youthful vitality and radiance.

Biologique Recherche features a methodology based on three fundamental stages:

  • Assessment. Each individual’s skin is assessed to determine which treatment will best benefit their unique skin type and complexion.
  • Initialization. Custom treatments are applied according to careful and precise routines set by experienced skin care professionals in order to maximize effectiveness.
  • Treatment. Biologique Recherche products feature highly concentrated, active ingredients to recondition the skin’s epidermis in order to activate regeneration and protection. The benefits of using Biologique Recherche’s products are both fast-acting and long-lasting.

Authenticity and harmony are at the heart of Biologique Recherche. Each formulation in this luxury skin care line includes:

    • High Concentrations of Active Ingredients. Many Biologique Recherche’s products feature over 20% concentrations of all-natural botanical, marine, and biological extracts.
    • No Artificial Fragrances. The integrity of each Biologique Recherche formula is at the center of each treatment, and the brand’s lack of artificial fragrances minimizes allergic and adverse reactions.
    • Cold Formulations. Each Biologique Recherche product is formulated to bring out the essence of each active ingredient.
    • Quality Ingredients. Biologique Recherche products are formulated to work together for immediate, outstanding, almost magical results.