Ciel Spa at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills is home to the most relaxing and invigorating luxury facials and body-focused spa treatments in the Los Angeles area. From our signature P50 Body Polish to face and body spa treatments that tone, lift, and detox the skin, our specialists can cater to your every need.

We pride ourselves on providing a haven of tranquility, equipped with everything needed to make each guest’s experience truly unforgettable.

Indulge in essential oil treatments and treat yourself to a range of exclusive spa add-ons to tone, lift, and revitalize your skin.

We utilize a range of professional spa products in our face and body spa treatments, including natural face creams, skin serums, and luxury face masks by the world-renowned Biologique Recherche. To bring your spa experience home, explore our selection of Biologique Recherche skincare products and consult one of our professionals to see which products are best suited for you.

Read our Body Spa Treatment Menu below and reserve your face and body spa treatment appointment with us today.

Our Body Spa Treatments

The P50 Body Polish


One of our most popular face and body spa treatments, this exfoliating treatment frees the skin of dead cells and impurities. The composition of silk extracts, Argan oil, and all-natural essential oil of Cypress, unifies the complexion. The treatment concludes with the application of a hydrating moisturizer that protects the skin from external aggressions. Your skin is left luminous, soft, and renewed.

Le Lift Corps

Partial Body $290 • Full Body $390

This firming and toning body spa treatment is truly one of a kind. Different from our other face and body spa services, this treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation followed by a sequence of toning and sculpting maneuvers that refines the skin’s texture. The application of a series of customized products stimulates blood circulation throughout the body and moisturizes the skin’s upper layers. Your skin is left revitalized, visibly firmer, and more toned.

Algae Detox Treatment

$350 (Combine with P50 BODY POLISH • $475)

This essential detoxifying body spa treatment helps the body to eliminate harmful toxins and excess water. The benefits don’t just stop there. This treatment simultaneously soothes and relaxes muscles while also improving microcirculation. The concentration of energizing active ingredients and Algae Body wrap leaves your figure more balanced and your skin smoother.

An All White, Modern Room for Couple's Treatments at Ciel Spa

Essential Oils Treatment


Combined With Algae Detox Treatment


One of our client’s favorite face and body spa treatment, this toning body spa treatment features a combination of essential oils and botanical complexes that stimulate and fortify the skin, the effects of which are amplified with the use of a heated blanket. This treatment allows you to have an enjoyable experience with the added benefit of aromatherapy.

Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment


This advanced anti-cellulite treatment improves the look and feel of your body. The activation of microcirculation with the use of specialized products encourages fat breakdown and eliminates excess water from your tissues. Your skin will be smoother, and your body contour will be more refined.

Algae Slimming and Detoxifying Treatment>


A classic face and body spa treatment, this detoxifying algae body wrap stimulates the elimination of toxins and excess water from the body and helps dissolve localized unwanted fat. The thermal effect released by active marine ingredients remineralizes, tones, and purifies the body and fills you with a wonderful sense of well-being and comfort. An excellent body spa treatment for restoring your silhouette.

Body Spa Treatment Add-Ons

Le Lift Arm Treatment


This additional body spa treatment is specifically designed to firm the inner arms.

Hand Treatment


The quick and refreshing additional body spa treatment moisturizes, protects, and revitalizes the hands.

Hand Treatment For Pigment Spots


Much like our signature Hand Treatment, this additional body spa treatment helps moisturize the skin while helping to eliminate and fade pigmentation.