Algae Detox Treatment


This detoxifying algae and seaweed wrap treatment helps eliminate toxins and excess water that builds up within your body. The benefits don’t stop there! This algae body wrap
treatment also helps soothe and relax muscles while improving microcirculation. The energizing, concentrated active ingredients in this algae treatment leave your figure more balanced and your skin smooth and firm.

woman stands in a towel.

How Excess Water Builds Up in Our Bodies

It’s estimated that up to 70 percent of our bodies are made up of water. Water retention may occur over time, particularly throughout the circulatory system and throughout the body’s tissue. This may result in swollen hands, fingers, feet, and legs.

Other symptoms of excess water retention may manifest in discolored skin, areas of skin that stay indented even after being poked, tenderness or aching in the limbs, weight gain, or stiffness in the joints.

Excess water may build up for a number of reasons, but too much salt in one’s diet is a common cause. Along with a slimming and detoxifying seaweed and algae body wrap, a healthier diet is a sure way to keep water retention at a minimum.

Benefits of Seaweed Wraps and Algae Treatments

For centuries, the health benefits of seaweed have been seen in naturopathic medicine throughout the world.

Today, innovative algae wrap treatments combine seaweed with hot water, clay, and relaxing essential oils. A thick, detoxifying paste is formed and spread over your body before being wrapped in a heated towel or sheet to let the algae treatment seep into your skin’s pores.

The enzymes and microbial compounds in seaweed work in tandem with the forced sweating from the heated blanket to encourage your pores to expel toxins, naturally detoxifying and rejuvenating your body.

Additional Services at Ciel Spa

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