Algae Slimming Body Wrap
& Detoxifying Treatment


Our Algae Slimming Body Wrap Treatment naturally eliminates toxins and excess water in your body’s tissue. This detoxifying treatment also helps dissolve localized unwanted fat. The thermal effect utilized in this treatment releases active marine ingredients that remineralize, tone, and purify your body, leaving your body smooth, relaxed, and with a noticeably slimmer and toned physique!

How Fat Deposits Remain, Even After Exercise

For many people, most of their body fat lies beneath the skin; however, about 10 percent of visceral fat is situated between skin tissue and against areas such as the abdominal wall. This 10 percent of fat constitutes some of the most difficult fat to “burn off” with traditional dieting and exercise. For women especially, visceral fat accumulates with age, at a much more rapid weight than it does with men. Even if one doesn’t gain weight due to overeating or a lack of exercise, visceral fat can still “add a few inches” to a waistline. That is why specialized treatments such as slimming body wraps play a vital role in reducing the appearance of hard-to-lose fat.

Benefits of Algae Slimming Body Wrap Treatments

For generations, seaweed and algae have been used in naturopathic medicine to remove toxins from the body naturally. At Ciel Spa, our exclusive algae slimming body wrap treatment combines seaweed with clay and hot water, along with relaxing essential oils. This nutrient-dense paste is then spread over your body and wrapped tightly with a heated sheet or towel. This creates a thermal effect that forces your body to naturally sweat out toxins while mineral and enzyme-rich algae aid the natural detoxification process. The results leave you looking visibly slimmer and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Exclusive Spa Treatments at Ciel Spa Beverly Hills

At Ciel Spa Beverly Hills, not only do we specialize in the most targeted and effective slimming body wraps in Los Angeles, but we also offer a wide range of luxury facials and body treatment services administered by skilled estheticians who utilize innovative Biologique Recherche skincare. If you love the Biologique Recherche products used in our facial treatments, Ciel Spa stocks a full exclusive collection line. Shop the collection online today for the iconic Lotion P50 and other individually specialized serumstonersbody creamsmasksmoisturizers, and cleansers.

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Literally one of the only places in Los Angeles to sell Biologique Recherche!! I’m so glad I found them. Now I’m able to get my favorite Lotion P50 and Mask Vivant when im running low. Oh, and they’re open late too!

Jennifer K.

Ciel Spa is such an amazing spa! The staff are always amazing. I got a ciel signature massage and it was great! The therapist was very attentive to my body she knew what parts of my body needed the most attention. Besides the Spa being so beautiful and esthetician being great Sasha, Sahara and V are very knowledgeable and welcoming thank you ladies, See you soon!

Brettany E.

I came to Ciel Spa because my girlfriend sent me to pick up some face products. Little did I know Biologique Recherche Los Angeles is difficult to find and this is one of the only places to carry it. The staff is very friendly and helped me out big time. My girlfriend was extremely happy.

Victor G.