Essential Oil Treatment


Treat yourself to the most luxurious essential oils treatment in Los Angeles. This exclusive treatment uses a combination of essential oils and botanical complexes to stimulate and fortify your body’s skin; the effects of which are amplified with the use of a heated blanket. This treatment tones your skin while simultaneously allowing you the benefit of relaxing, rejuvenating aromatherapy.

Benefits of Essential Oil Treatments

Scientifically speaking, essential oils are highly concentrated phytochemicals that are non-water soluble and distilled from various parts of plants such as flowers, roots, and leaves. Throughout the centuries, essential oils have been used as tinctures in homeopathic medicine. Today, they offer a natural and therapeutic way to foster good health and encourage wellness and relaxation.

In terms of their health benefits, a properly administered essential oil treatment can help improve immunity and quicken recovery from certain illnesses, balance hormones, and aid in the body’s recovery from illness or surgery.

Popular Essential Oils

These are some of the most popular essential oils and some of their perceived benefits:

Lavender – Lavender is an ingredient often used in skincare and has been known to be a calming oil when used topically.

Rosemary – Rosemary, when used topically, can improve scalp health and, in some cases, has been seen to support healthy hair.

Peppermint – Peppermint provides a light, refreshing aroma, and when used in an essential oil treatment, may aid with nausea, fevers, or congestion. Its effects can be amplified with heat and humidity.

Tea Tree – As a popular ingredient in many skin care products, tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial agent. Not only does it have an earthy fragrance with slight wood undernotes, but it can also be combined with lavender and other essential oils to amplify its aroma.

Additional Body Services & Treatments

Aside from essential oil treatments, Ciel Spa also features a range of luxurious body treatments, such as:

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