What is Endermologie?

Ever wonder how some of the top celebrities in world
 seem to have no cellulite and perfect bodies? More than a treatment, Endermologie is a lifestyle adopted by women for more than 30 years!

LPG Endermologie is a state-of-the-art non-invasive procedure that optimizes your health and beauty. It utilizes a technique that stimulates skin and fat tissue to soften them and make them less fibrous. At the same time, this stimulation helps to release fat and to activate blood and lymphatic circulation.

The result: Diminished appearances of cellulite, smoother and firmer skin, and a more harmonious figure.

LPG Endermologie Treatment Programs

Health – 10 Sessions


Great for those new to Endermologie or for those going on vacation soon and want to look amazing!

Fitness – 24 Sessions


Best for those who are passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a sexy body.

Wellness – 48 Sessions


Perfect for those who have a long-term commitment to their health and well being.

*2 – 3 treatments per week are recommended for the first 6 weeks of the endermologie program, followed by 1 – 2 treatments per week for the remainder of your program.

-Add-on Face-

A quick 15-minute treatment that stimulates lymphatic circulation and leaves you plumper skin.

You can purchase your own personal hygienic endermologie treatment suit for $50

Watch An Endermologie Treatment at Ciel Spa

Watch an episode of Beauty Trippin by Clevver Style below to see Vivian & Erin’s experiences during an Endermologie treatment at Ciel Spa and learn how the machine eliminates your cellulite, while also sculpting your body!

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