Ciel Spa is Los Angeles’ premier destination for the best facials, treatments, and specialized services designed to pamper and cater to your every need.

Indulge in the most luxurious facials in Los Angeles and experience face and body spa treatments performed by our team of talented estheticians. From our custom treatments to collagen facials, Ciel Spa provides an unparalleled level of care, quality, and innovation.

Looking to bring the power of the best facials in Los Angeles into your home? Complement your at-home beauty routine by shopping our collection of premium Biologique Recherche skincare products from serums to all-natural face cleansers, creams, and luxury face masks. Learn more about Biologique Recherche and consult one of our associates if you would like to determine which custom formulations would best suit your skin type.

Interested in the best facials in Los Angeles? Explore our menu of services below and contact our spa professionals if you have any questions about the treatments and services offered.

Ciel Custom Facial

Starting at $210

Designed with your skin in mind, after a thorough analysis, the esthetician will address any number of skin conditions, including aging, pigmentation, acne, and sensitive skin types. Includes cleansing and exfoliation while incorporating the appropriate skin treatments dependent on your specific needs. Experience why Biologique Recherche has a cult-like following and fall in love with your skin!

Le Soin Lissant


This is a deeply exfoliating treatment that lifts
and tones skin. The use of natural sea crystals
eliminates dead cells to promote oxygenation.
Together with smoothing, pinching, vibrating
and modeling movements, this treatment
stimulates the epidermis and rebalances the skin
on the face. You are left with a more refined and
luminous look.

LED Light $75
Collagen Mask for Face $85
Cold Mask • $55

Le Lift


One of our client’s favorite facials at our Los Angeles spa, this remineralizing luxury facial treatment lifts and tones your skin while also keeping it refreshed and calm. The use of natural sea crystals eliminates dead cells to promote oxygen exchange. Your skin will be left rebalanced and luminous.

Remodeling Face Machine


Wider looking eyes, more pronounced cheekbones, less marked wrinkles and a more clearly defined facial contour; just some of the effects produced by Biologique Recherche’s state of the art Remodeling Machine. The combination of four currents (galvanic, medium and high frequencies, and electroporation) sculpts the facial structure. Visible results can be seen immediately.

Double Lift Facial


The best of two worlds! Combine either the Le Soin Lissant or Le Lift with Biologique Recherche’s Remodeling Face Machine to boost and restore elasticity of the skin.

Combine all Three Treatments $150
Collagen for Face and Neck • $85
Cold Mask • $55
Combine all Three Treatments • $150





This is a skin care consultation that begins with a thorough examination of the skin using Biologique Recherche’s patented Skin Instant Lab and Visio Lab. This process uses the Skin Instant Lab’s specialized probes to determine the skin’s needs while the Visio Lab takes a visual diagnosis of the skin to monitor changes overtime such as aging and sun damage. This unique analysis allows our experienced estheticians to customize a personalized skin care routine for you.
* Must book in advance

Triple Lift Facial


This revolutionary triple treatment is the best facial in Los Angeles for ultimate age-defying revitalization. The treatment boosts cellular metabolism, gently exfoliates, hydrates and tones the skin, for a complete treatment that redefines and plumps facial volume. (This facial uses a combination of the Le Soin Lissant and Le Lift facials with the Remodeling Face Machine.)


Red Carpet Le Grande


This revolutionary facial experience will give you the red carpet look in just one session. By using needle-free Mesotherapy your skin will be detoxified, brightened and tightened. Our expert esthetician will create a custom cocktail of Biologique Recherche serums and masks suited to your specific skin instant needs to hydrate, lift and resculpt. For a finishing touch, we provide LED light therapy and a custom massage.




No Needling Micro-Needling Facial Mesotherapy will stimulate the functions of Fibroblasts (Collagen cells) for improved skin tone and microcirculation for reduced water retention to provide improved cell nourishments and detoxification. If you want your skin to look younger, more hydrated and plumped, then this is the facial for you.


Serum Cocktail d’Actifs Regenerants $150

Compliment The Best Facials in LA With Luxurious Facial Add-Ons

Looking for a complete, comprehensive spa experience that pampers your body from head to toe? There’s a reason why Ciel Spa is considered the best facial spa in Los Angeles.
Enhance your facial with nourishing add-ons that elevate your experience to the next level of pampering.

Customized LED light (based on Skin Instant) $75

Active Antioxidant Ampoule • $140

Multifunction vitamin serum boosted with 58 active ingredients that are designed to regenerate, moisturize, revitalize, stimulate, and protect skin

Extraction • $60

Purifies and cleanses skin

Eye Treatment • $40

Targets wrinkles and dark circles in the eye contour area

Pigmentation Mask $55


Caviar Mask • $100

Regenerates and hydrates the skin

Cold Mask • $55

Calms and refreshes the complexion

Collagen Mask for Face • $55

Moisturizes, tones, and firms skin

Collagen Mask for Face & Neck • $85

Moisturizes, tones, and firms skin

Pigmentation Booster $55

Waxing Services

Eyebrows • $50

Lip • $15

Chin • $20

Side of Face • $25

Hairline • $20

 Full Arms • $75

Half Arms • $60

Half Leg • $55

Full Leg • $90

Bikini • $60

 Brazilian • $80

Learn about Brow & Lash Extensions

Back • $90

Underarms • $30

Shoulders • $50

Chest • $55

Stomach • $50

Buttocks • $30

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