Ciel Spa Custom Facials & Skin Care Solutions

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Woman Receives Facial at Ciel Spa

Our clients call the Ciel Custom Facial the best facial in Los Angeles! Designed with your skin in mind, our world-class estheticians will perform a thorough skin analysis, and develop a custom skin care plan that will address any number of skin conditions that are of concern to you. These may include signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, and skin sensitivity.

Our Custom Facial includes cleansing and gentle exfoliation while also incorporating the appropriate custom skin care treatments dependent on your specific needs.

With the Ciel Custom Facial, you will experience why custom skin care by Biologique Recherche has a cult-like following. Fall in love with your skin again!

Why do You Need Custom Skin Care Solutions by Ciel Spa?

The Ciel Custom Facial is suited for all ages and skin types. Whether you want to manage blemishes, hydrate and nourish your skin, or maintain a youthful glowing complexion, this facial is beneficial for all.

This custom skin care treatment is especially recommended for anyone who is new to Biologique Recherche and would like to get better acquainted with the collection and the magic it holds within.

About Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche is an iconic French skin care brand featuring custom solutions tailored to individuals’ skin types. No two complexions are the same, and that is why Biologique Recherche creates formulations that feature innovative blends of botanical extracts that nurture the skin.

Explore our full range of Biologique Recherche skin care products for your own at-home beauty routine.

Experience the Best Custom Facial in Los Angeles

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