Codage Custom Facial

This facial is a complete and personalized treatment carried with your customized mixology of serums and manual massage techniques.

60 mins / $235

90 MINS / $345

Experience the Codage Custom Facial by Ciel Spa. This facial is a complete and personalized treatment carried with your customized mixology of serums and manual massage techniques. Relax and rejuvenate as our skilled estheticians tailor the treatment to address your unique skin concerns. Experience the bliss of personalized skincare and leave feeling refreshed and glowing. Book your appointment today!


Codage products are designed and manufactured in their laboratory based in Nice. They are proud to value their French know-how and they privilege short circuits and small productions to propose fresh and innovative products.


Average of 94.4% of natural ingredients and are perfume-free or have a very low concentration of perfume, to respect the most sensitive skins.

List of banned ingredients :

• Parabens • Phenoxyethanol • Chlorphenesin • BHT • BHA • EDTA • Triclosan • Mineral oil (petroleum jelly, kerosene) • Silicone • Dye • Sulfates (SLES / SLS) • Phthalates • Alcohol • Ingredients of animal origin (except Hand Cream) • Essential Oil (except Draining, Stimulating, Relaxing Oil) • Allergen


CODAGE Paris is a contemporary House of French cosmetology founded by Julien and Amandine Azencott, a brother and sister who grew up admiring their family, which was active in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Passionate about health and beauty, they aspired to breathe new life into cosmetology. Convinced that every skin is unique and deserves its own special treatment, the founders of CODAGE decided to reestablish the prestige of the idea of service. With CODAGE, they reinvented the traditional pharmacy experience, giving each person an opportunity to discuss, with an expert, his or her lifestyle and to receive a bespoke formula in exchange.


Ciel Spa is literally one of the only places in Los Angeles that sells Biologique Recherche! I’m so glad I found them. Now I’m able to get my favorite skincare products, such as Lotion P50 and Mask Vivant, when I'm running low. Oh, and they’re open late too, which is nice.



Ciel Spa is such an amazing spa! Amazing staff! I got a Ciel Signature Massage and it was great! The therapist was very attentive to my body - she knew what parts needed the most attention. Besides the spa being so beautiful and estheticians being great, Sasha and Sahara are knowledgeable and welcoming. Thank you again ladies, see you soon!



I came to Ciel Spa because my girlfriend sent me to pick up some face products. Little did I know Biologique Recherche Los Angeles is difficult to find and this is one of the only places to carry it. The staff is very friendly and helped me out big time. My girlfriend was extremely happy.