Dr. Barbara Sturm Signature Sturm Glow Facial


Ciel Spa is the exclusive (and only) partner for Dr. Barbara Sturm! Together, we have crafted the ultimate Dr. Barbara Sturm Signature Glow Facial to promote thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate for clean and refreshed skin. By utilizing the science behind Dr. Barbara Sturm products, and combining it with our skilled facial technology and treatments, you will see results like never before!


From Dr. Barbara Sturm

The Signature #SturmGlow Facial combines thorough cleansing, exfoliation and extractions to leave the skin super clean and refreshed. It also includes Dr. Sturm’s Signature Anti-Aging Massage; a unique combination of massage techniques which help increase blood and oxygen flow and tone and define the facial muscles for an instant, youthful-looking complexion.

"The Signature #SturmGlow Facial was created around my skincare philosophy to deliver hydration, boost skin barrier function, soothe signs of irritation and improve the overall skin health and skin matrix. The facial incorporates techniques created in my German clinic for cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, and an anti-aging lymphatic massage."

       - Dr. Barbara Sturm

The Science

Long and short-chain Hyaluronic Acid molecules in the HYALURONIC AMPOULE are infused into the skin and provide intensive hydration at both upper and deeper skin layers. The FACE CREAM RICH boosts moisture and antioxidants help restore and soothe the skin. Special massage techniques boost circulation, enhancing the production of collagen for effective skin repair.

The Results

This facial targets key areas of concern to instantly smooth fine lines, reduce puffiness, lift and define the cheekbones and jawline and give skin a youthful glow.

Why You Should Get a Dr. Barbara Sturm Signature Sturm Glow Facial at Ciel Spa

We recommend this powerful glow facial to thoroughly clean and refresh your face for instant, youthful-looking complexion.

This glow facial utilizes the following Dr. Barbara Sturm Products:

  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops or Anti-pollution Drops or Sun Drops
  • Face Cream Light or Face Cream or Face Cream Rich
  • Eye Cream
  • Rest of the Hyaluronic Ampoule
  • Face Mask
  • Face Cream Rich (soon Massage Cream)
  • Enzyme Cleanser or Facial Scrub
  • Cleanser


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Ciel Spa is literally one of the only places in Los Angeles that sells Biologique Recherche! I’m so glad I found them. Now I’m able to get my favorite skincare products, such as Lotion P50 and Mask Vivant, when I'm running low. Oh, and they’re open late too, which is nice.



Ciel Spa is such an amazing spa! Amazing staff! I got a Ciel Signature Massage and it was great! The therapist was very attentive to my body - she knew what parts needed the most attention. Besides the spa being so beautiful and estheticians being great, Sasha and Sahara are knowledgeable and welcoming. Thank you again ladies, see you soon!



I came to Ciel Spa because my girlfriend sent me to pick up some face products. Little did I know Biologique Recherche Los Angeles is difficult to find and this is one of the only places to carry it. The staff is very friendly and helped me out big time. My girlfriend was extremely happy.