Le Soin Lissant Spa Facial


Woman Receives Skin Analysis at Ciel Spa

Our Le Soin Lissant Facial is a uniquely hydrating treatment and facial massage that stimulates the skin’s natural defense system to maintain and nourish skin’s youth. The marriage of contouring sculpting movements and pulsing strokes, in combination with our concentrations of Biologique Recherche treatments, renews and unifies the skin. This all-encompassing, luxurious spa facial leaves skin visibly lifted, de-stressed, and looking radiant and youthful.

About Biologique Recherche

We utilize Biologique Recherche’s all-natural products alongside the unique face massage motions of our Le Soin Lissant facial. Biologique Recherche is an iconic French skincare brand featuring custom solutions tailored to individuals’ skin types. No two complexions are the same, and Biologique Recherche’s formulations feature innovative blends of botanical extracts that nurture the skin.

Each of our luxurious spa facials features nourishing and toning products from Biologique Recherche’s exclusive line. Explore our full range of Biologique Recherche skin care products for your own at-home beauty routine.

Why You Deserve Le Soin Lissant Facial Massage

We recommend the Le Soin Lissant Facial to anyone who is looking for a deeply hydrating treatment. The unique sculpting facial massage technique used in this spa facial rejuvenates the appearance of your skin for a youthful, toned appearance.

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