Biologique Recherche Skin Analysis Facial Treatment


At Ciel Spa, we provide the best luxury facials in Los Angeles. We take our exclusive treatments above and beyond by offering a complimentary Biologique Recherche Skin Analysis with any facial treatment. This individualized skincare consultation prepares you for any of our luxurious, specialized facial treatments.

We begin with a thorough examination of your skin using Biologique Recherche’s patented Skin Instant Lab. Using specialized probes and customized software, this machine provides accurate and holistic results for your skin’s specific needs. The result? A comprehensive analysis that will enable our expert estheticians to design a personalized facial treatment just for you.

Pamper Yourself With One of the Most Individualized Facials in Los Angeles

Biologique Recherche’s signature Skin Instant Lab provides a customized diagnosis of your skin’s needs, giving you a clearer picture of which products and facial treatments are best suited for your complexion. In addition to a manual evaluation of the skin done by the esthetician, the Skin Instant Lab provides measurements for 5 different skin factors:

    • Moisture Levels (how hydrated your skin is)
    • Transepidermal Water Loss (the measure of water passing from your dermis through your epidermis)
    • Elasticity (your skin’s ability to stretch and return to normal)
    • Pigmentation (how even your skin tone may be or if there is brown spots, sun damage, or other discoloration present)
    • Oiliness (also referred to as sebumetry, this measures the oiliness of your skin)

Based on this unique skin analysis, the Skin Instant Lab connects to Biologique Recherche’s state of the art database and recommends specific Biologique Recherche products perfectly suited for your individual facial treatment needs.

Why You Need a Proper Skin Analysis

The physiology of our skin, especially on our face, changes throughout our entire life. No two individuals have the same type of skin! Everybody’s unique lifestyle and genetic heritage react differently to the environment, stress, and aging. The aging of skin is a natural process. As we get older it becomes more visible as external factors such as weather, tobacco, pollution, and hormones affect us.

Our Biologique Recherche Skin Analysis assess the skin for all of these different elements and allows us to provide facial treatments and skincare regimens suited to each person’s unique needs, wants, and circumstances. This customized treatment plan and at home regimen not only allows for proper care but it also the best results.

Who Should Seek This Facial Treatment?

The Biologique Recherche Skin Analysis is recommended for anyone who is interested in receiving Biologique Recherche treatments or is interested in starting an at-home Biologique Recherche regimen. Ready to schedule one of the best facials in Los Angeles? Contact us to schedule your Biologique Recherche Skin Analysis facial treatment today!


Ciel Spa is literally one of the only places in Los Angeles that sells Biologique Recherche! I’m so glad I found them. Now I’m able to get my favorite skincare products, such as Lotion P50 and Mask Vivant, when I'm running low. Oh, and they’re open late too, which is nice.



Ciel Spa is such an amazing spa! Amazing staff! I got a Ciel Signature Massage and it was great! The therapist was very attentive to my body - she knew what parts needed the most attention. Besides the spa being so beautiful and estheticians being great, Sasha and Sahara are knowledgeable and welcoming. Thank you again ladies, see you soon!



I came to Ciel Spa because my girlfriend sent me to pick up some face products. Little did I know Biologique Recherche Los Angeles is difficult to find and this is one of the only places to carry it. The staff is very friendly and helped me out big time. My girlfriend was extremely happy.