What is IV Nutrient Therapy? 

IV therapy in Los Angeles has been growing in popularity for the last decade. It is based on medical and scientific evidence that shows IV nutrient therapy can help in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases and conditions to improve general health and overall well-being. 

 IV nutrient therapy includes not only vitamins, but other nutrients such as minerals, essential amino acids, and other natural organic compounds given as a nourishing intravenous infusion. 

Ciel Spa by Pearl Wellness uses only the most advanced and innovative IV therapies in Los Angeles to keep you feeling your best. Our extensive selection of intravenous nutrient therapies is custom-tailored to your individual needs.

Our IV vitamin therapy is not only full of the nutrients your body needs to thrive, but our treatments are always administered by one of our highly skilled and friendly nurses.


Below are our six most-requested IV therapy treatments in Los Angeles. However, a customized IV nutrient therapy can be formulated based on your unique needs so you truly feel your best!

Starting at $400







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