Luxury Massage Services in Los Angeles

Pamper yourself with the most luxurious massages in Los Angeles. From our signature Ciel Massage and aromatherapy to hot stone massages and our romantic couples massage package, we’re ready to cater to your every need at our Beverly Hills spa. Read our menu of services below and explore some of our massage add-ons such as cupping therapy, foot massages, hand massages, and scalp treatments.


60/90min • $195/$275

This Swedish style, circulatory massage will relax the body and de-stress the mind. Improve your overall sense of well-being, and restore vital energy. Go on a leisurely experience like never before.


60/90min • $475

Spend some invaluable, “me time” at Ciel Spa. Enjoy a glass of champagne in our dreamy lounge and relax with our 60-minute Ciel Signature Massage and VIP 02 facial to truly escape everyday stresses.


60/90min • $250/$340

Indulge your senses in the aromatics of Biologique Recherche essential oils of your choice. Lift the spirit from within and go on a botanical adventure. Retreat back to a clearer mind and a lively soul.


60/90min • $210/$295

This therapeutic massage concentrates on the deeper layers of your muscles, tendons, and fascia. During this massage a specific cream is used to help with chronic muscle pain and tension while increasing relaxation and improving range of motion.


60/90min • $240/$345

Fall into deep relaxation and melt the tension away with this full body hot stone therapy. Our trained therapists use the hot stones to assist in reducing muscle tension so your mind can unwind.


60/90min • $250/$340

Indulge your senses with one of our unique Biologique Recherche pure essential oil blends. This one of a kind aromatherapy massage will lift your spirit from within and take you on a botanical adventure.



90min • $750

This pampering and relaxing luxury spa package for two begins with a romantic soak in our side-by-side couples bath with a glass of Champagne, followed by a comforting 90-minute Ciel Signature Massage with hot stones.


60/90min • $295/$410

Embrace your body by stimulating the removal of waste from within. This gentle, relaxing massage encourages the movement of fluid toward the lymph nodes which promotes and stimulates the body’s natural detox process. This massage uses the Biologique Recherche oil blend Sous-Ombilicale which is specifically designed to assist the lymphatic system in drainage and detoxification. Reduce stress while unblocking a sluggish system and energizing the body.


60/90min • $410/$550

Deep Tissue 60/90min • $420/$590

Enjoy the company of your significant other, while simultaneously relaxing at the hands of our experienced massage therapists. During this massage a specific cream is applied to enhance relaxation and soothe muscles. Go on a getaway with your loved one.

-Massage Add-Ons-

Lymph Lift (for Face)


Foot Massage

30 min • $100

Hand Massage

30 min • $100

Hot Stone Full Body


Half Body


CBD Add-On



Hand Scrub


Foot Scrub


Back Scrub


Collagen for Face


Collagen for Face and Neck


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The Best Massages in Los Angeles

Each treatment and massage in our Los Angeles spa is administered by an experienced specialist or masseur. Our one goal is to pamper you and cater to your every need during your stay with us. That is why we have developed a reputation as a world-class destination for those seeking rest, relaxation, and the most exclusive facial and body treatments.

All of our massages are available in 60 or 90-minute sessions, and each massage has a targeted focus such as soothing hot stone massages to ease muscle tension or our lymphatic treatments which promote oxygenation. We even feature special luxury massages for mothers-to-be which can enhance blood circulation in the first trimester.

Additional Services Offered at Ciel Spa

In addition to providing the most luxurious massages in Los Angeles, we also feature a full range of spa services, including:

If your complexion is in need of attention, we also offer the best facials in Los Angeles, with unique facials and treatments administered by skilled estheticians who utilize innovative Biologique Recherche products.

If you love the Biologique Recherche spa products used in any of our facial treatments, Ciel Spa is among a select group of health and beauty retailers that stocks the exclusive, French line. Shop our collection today for the iconic Lotion P50 and other individually specialized serums, toners, body creams, masks, moisturizers, and cleansers.


Pamper Yourself With a Luxury Massage at Ciel Spa

From the moment you arrive our luxurious spa facility at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, you’ll enter a tranquil oasis. We feature a 5,000 square foot spa furnished by world-renowned designer Philippe Starck.

Take a Peek at Our Facilities!

Ciel Spa Beverly Hills specializes in the best massages in Los Angeles and so much more. We offer our guests a range of amenities including access to our exclusive relaxation lounge, steam rooms, and couples massage suite.

Additionally, we’re always prepared to customize any of our services to better suit your individual needs and preferences.

To book one of our luxury massages or any of our premium services or treatments, please contact us or book online!