This is a unique opportunity for you to spend some invaluable “me time.” You’ll receive a complimentary glass
of champagne to enjoy in our dreamy relaxation lounge, and experience our truly relaxing 60 minute Ciel Signature Massage and VIP O2 Facial to unwind and escape from everyday stresses.



This pampering for two begins with a romantic relaxation soak in our side-by-side couples bath with a glass of Champagne, followed by a comforting 90 minute Ciel Signature Massage with hot stones.



Your lifting journey begins with the P50 Body Polish, which will exfoliate your skin and free it of dead cells and impurities. After which you will de-stress with the help of our steamy shower and finish in complete serenity with a 60 minute Aromatherapy Massage.



Get ready for your special event with the help of the Ciel beauty team and some Champagne! Indulge in a fresh Ciel Manicure, followed by a Ciel Signature Blowout and scalp treatment, and finish off with a makeup application that will emphasize your natural beauty.



This remarkable combination of treatments improves the look and feel of your body. You begin with a 35-minute Endermologie session, which stimulates fibrous skin and fat tissue, while simultaneously activating lymphatic circulation. This is then followed by Biologique Recherche’s Anti-Cellulite slimming treatment, which encourages fat breakdown and eliminates excess water. You are left with a more refined body contour.



It may have been a long night, but today is a whole new
day. Get back to normal with the help of our Pearl Wellness Hangover Relief IV Therapy. Bring back some life into your skin by following up with our Express Refresher Facial. You will leave reinvigorated and as if nothing had happened…




Do the body some good and fortify your skin with this trio package. Start with Biologique Recherche’s Algea Detox Treatment to relax the muscles and improve microcirculation. Follow that up with our 90-minute lymphatic drainage massage to promote oxygenation and circulatory functions. Finish off with a Pearl Wellness Ultimate Anti-oxidant IV Therapy to replenish the body with essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other natural organic compounds. Feel like a whole new person. 

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