Secret Leg Special


Restore the natural, youthful feeling in your legs with our Secret Leg Special. One of our premier spa body treatments, this invigorating lymphatic massage for the legs is being offered exclusively at Ciel Spa.

If your legs feel heavy or tired, or if they ache when you walk, the problem may be the result of poor lymphatic circulation. This can happen for numerous reasons, including traveling, long periods of sitting or standing, general swelling, or hormonal changes.

You don’t have to resign yourself to sore, aching legs. Our specialized spa body treatment consists of specialized, soothing massage techniques and rejuvenating, all-natural essential oils to encourage lymphatic circulation and leave your legs feeling instantly renewed.

Women’s legs in black and white.

More Than Just a Lymphatic Massage for Your Legs

Our state-of-the-art leg treatment is carried out using essential oil formulas like Jambes Lourdes. Crafted by the world-renowned skincare professionals at Biologique Recherche, Jambes Lourdes includes a delicate combination of oils like sage, cypress, mint, and rosemary. These all-natural ingredients work together to improve microcirculation, tone the skin, and lighten tired legs.

The treatment is followed up with Creme Defatigante, a replenishing solution that reduces inflammation and relieves sore and tired legs. Developed with targeted ingredients like peppermint, ivy, and birch bark, this powerful formula leaves you feeling restored inside and out.

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