The Harmonist

“Harmony is a source of beauty.”

The Harmonist is a French line of perfumes and candles inspired by Feng Shui philosophy. With harmony as the foundation for their guiding principles, The Harmonist creates perfume and candles designed to bring you serenity of mind and body.

Each collection of fragrances is formulated with the purest, most precious, and rare natural ingredients. Based on your personal element, this collection of artisanal fragrances allows for a unique and truly personal experience in order to bring balance into your life.

Ciel Spa at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills is honored to be an exclusive retailer of The Harmonist.


In Feng Shui, Yin and Yang are elements that oppose yet complement each other. They create a new breath of energy for people seeking harmony, helping them achieve balance.

  • Male and Female
  • Light and Darkness
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Emotions and Composure
  • Solid and Liquid
  • Cold and Hot
Guiding Water Candle by The Harmonist | Ciel Spa


A Bottle of The Harmonists "Velvet Fire" Perfume

Water – Fire – Earth – Metal – Wood

The Harmonist perfume captures the five natural elements as they work together to attract and enhance all aspects of life, from socialization and creativity to wisdom, status, seduction, and prosperity. Together, they create a sense of harmony which brings out the natural beauty within us all.

  • Socializing: Sharing, self-confidence, friends, networking
  • Creativity: Talent, productivity, innovation, imagination
  • Wisdom: Balance, clarity, patience, relaxation
  • Status: Ambition, leadership, influence, reliability
  • Seduction: Allure, charm, appeal, magnetism
  • Prosperity: Growth, productivity, success, efficiency

Discover your personal element and complement it with The Harmonist’s candles, perfumes, and elixirs to bring you tranquility of mind and body.

To help you find the perfect Harmonist perfume for you, we will help discover your element based on your location along with the time and date of your birth.

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