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Simple 10-Minute Morning Skincare Routine

Most of us don’t have hours to dedicate to skincare every day — some of us barely have 30 minutes to get from the bed to the car! We want to look our best, but we need a morning skincare routine that rejuvenates our skin and makes us look fabulous in a matter of minutes. Is that too much to ask? The good news is, it’s entirely possible!

Our Quick + Easy Morning Skincare Routine

Follow Ciel Spa’s easy skincare routine, and you’ll be out the door in 10 minutes or less — all while giving your skin the pampering it needs.

1. Cleanse Your Skin

Chances are, your face still has some residual makeup, dirt, oil, and debris from the day before. So before you apply any toning or hydrating products, you need to clear away the grime and give yourself a fresh canvas to work with. This is an essential part of any morning skincare routine. We recommend Lait E.V. by Biologique Recherche.

Biologique Recherche is a luxury French skincare line known for its compelling, all-natural, and organic products. And this deep-cleaning milk face is no different! Lait E.V. is made with vitamins, essential oils, and nourishing fatty acids. It removes makeup and dirt without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Just place a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply it to your face, neck, and décolleté. Then gently rinse with warm water.


Simple Morning Skincare Routine - Ciel Spa

2. Apply an Exfoliator

We all know that toners are a great way to remove any remaining dirt or makeup left behind by your cleanser. However, an exfoliator goes one step beyond what a toner can do and serves as an important go-to product in your easy skincare routine. Exfoliators not only help remove any remaining impurities after cleansing, but they help to restore your skin’s pH balance and exfoliate and purify the skin, preparing it for the steps that follow — it’s an all-in-one miracle products.

For this, we recommend Biologique Recherche’s signature exfoliating solution, Lotion P50. Suitable for all skin types, Lotion P50 works as a powerful exfoliant and strengthens the skin. Just use a cotton pad to gently pat the lotion into your skin (don’t rub, which can irritate the skin). Then wait about two minutes before proceeding to the following product in your morning skincare routine.


Simple Morning Skincare Routine - Ciel Spa

3. Apply Serums

There’s a serum for just about every need. If you want to fight acne, there’s Serum Complexe Iribiol. If you want to treat dark spots and smooth your complexion, we recommend Serum PIGM 400. If you’re looking to fight the signs of aging, you might consider Serum A-Glyca. Most serums can be combined as needed in your easy skincare routine.

So, for example, if you have acne-prone skin but also want to strengthen the collagen fibers in your skin, you can use Serum Complexe Iribiol along with Serum A-Glyca. Just apply each serum about two minutes apart. With most of these serums, you need to massage a few drops into your skin using ascending motions — a little goes a long way!

ESTIMATED TIME: 2-5 minutes

Simple Morning Skincare Routine - Ciel Spa

4. Use a Moisturizer

No matter how low on time you are running, this step should never be neglected! Dry skin contributes to premature wrinkles, reduced elasticity, acne breakouts, and more visible blemishes. A quality moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day and keeps your complexion looking soft, healthy, and radiant. If you have oily or combination skin, we recommend Creme Amnios for your morning skincare routine.

This product is noted for its active ingredient, amniotic fluid, which repairs and tightens clogged pores while locking in your skin’s moisture (seriously, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it). If you have dry or sensitive skin, we recommend Emulsion Originelle Regenerante. It’s made from gentle ingredients like hyaluronic acid, mimosa extract, and vitamin E, and it’s designed to soothe, restore, and hydrate sensitive skin. Just apply the moisturizer directly to your face, neck, and décolleté, and give it a minute to set.


Simple Morning Skincare Routine - Ciel Spa

5. Apply Sunscreen

Your morning skincare routine is almost complete, but before you leave the house, you need some sun protection! Those UV rays can ravage your pigmentation, dry your skin, contribute to premature wrinkles, and even lead to skin cancer over time. In other words, don’t skimp on the sunscreen! Opt for a sunblock with SPF-15 or greater, and apply it wherever you have exposed skin. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, choose a sunblock that is oil-free or labeled “non-comedogenic.


Simple Morning Skincare Routine - Ciel Spa


Tips for Your Morning Skincare Routine

As you can see, this easy skincare routine is suitable even for the busiest among us. If you want to get the most from it, though, you’ll need to follow a few essential tips:

      • Make sure to follow the above steps in sequential order: cleanser, exfoliator, serums, moisturizer, sunscreen. Each step is intended to pave the way for the steps that follow. If you use the products out of order, it may reduce the solutions’ effectiveness or even irritate your skin.
      • Apply a rejuvenating mask, like Masque Vivant or Biomagic Mask, once or twice a week when you have 20 or 30 extra minutes. This will promote a deeper clean and help you derive even more benefits from your regular morning skincare routine.
      • If you’re planning to apply cosmetics, complete your skincare routine first. It will leave your skin hydrated, your pores tightened, and your face primed for a flawless application.
      • For best results, you also need to find a tailored nighttime routine that fits your skin. While you can absolutely repeat many of the same steps in your morning skincare routine in the evening, this is also a great time to add additional serums or creams that are too heavy for your skin during the day — think thick eye creams and overnight masks! Taking the time to nourish your skin twice a day will ensure lasting benefits and even save you time in the morning (because an evening cleanse will mean less time required for the following morning cleanse).

Be Consistent With This Easy Skincare Routine

When you take 10 minutes each morning (and each evening) to pamper your skin, the results aren’t just immediate. They serve you long-term as you look younger longer and resist the subtle signs of aging and skin damage. It may just be the most valuable part of your day! If you have some time-saving tips for skincare or your morning skincare routine, let us know about it in the comments below! Shop luxury skincare and Biologique Recherché to complete your accessible skincare routine product collection today!


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